Ya…It sucks…but I dont have to do them today cuase Im sick! Yay for sickness! Anyone who lives in Pennsylvania should know what they are…

im not, wat is it?

I did them when I used to live there, PSSA, I forget the abbreviations, but it was a bit long. The teachers used to always get all hyped up and get us to study anything that could be on the test, it was kind of annoying, yeah. But they don’t do that in Illinois, they just give us the test, and expect us to know it, I like it that way, I already do know it. BUT, I don’t have that test anymore, I’m in a higher grade than that.

Edit: K0shi, PSSA is a state test that shows how smart Pennsylvania is, or… Something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya its stupid…I wanna do bad just too piss my math teacher off :stuck_out_tongue:

lol oo, like a intelligance test for the state, is it ussually high?

uhh…I think…but I really dont even understand what you said…lol

Well, I wouldn’t know, just at around summer time, you get your scores for the test by mail, and your mom and dad get to see the scores you get. So I wouldn’t do bad on the test if I were you Lock. :stuck_out_tongue:

like i mean are the scores for the state high which says the state is smart
if u dont understand still, its ok

I used to live in PA…
Now I live in MA, so I get the MCAS :stuck_out_tongue:
I once got, like, top 10% ^^

We have to do something like that. It’s called the ‘NJ Ask’. Testing takes a week with doing it 5 hours a day. I’m takin’ it next week.

We got that in melbourne, Year 3, 5 and 7 have tests called “AIMS”.

Yeah I know how you feel.
It feels as if you want to tear yourself apart!
Like :bigmouth:aghhhhh:bigmouth: tears himself apart:crackup:
Yeah I had a essay today to do, sounded as if I wanted to tear myself apart.

I just spent 4 hours doing maths preparing for my scholarship exam :).

wow,sick for a test…i wish i could be :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…its not hard and actually we miss a lot of class becouse of them…But I just dont like the whole idea…The teachers make us work hard so they look good? I wanna do bad…

Lock who cares, they need the money - so bribe them. tell em - i’ll do well, but the money has to go in the right hands ;).

Is that like that SAT’s?

pretty much…

I don’t know if I should bump this but I want to sat that I LOVED THE PSSAS!!!

We missed like 4/5 of school, got to take it at penn state univ. (with beautiful rooms and cushy chairs), got snacks, breaks, a free lunch each day, AND IT WAS WAS EASIER THAN THE THOSE FLIPPING SATS!!!


NJ ASK(for me) is so boring…