The racist Mrparris broke my feelings.

He makes jokes like that about Chile several times,saying everyone here is a criminal,he really broke my feelings this time.
He always says that if he comes,we will rob him,rape him…ETC ETC

Anyway,Mrparris I want you to say sorry.

did you tell him to stop?

  1. I did say I was sorry before you blocked me.

  2. How is that racist?

  3. You’re a drama queen ;p

~ ewok

Never take anything, I mean anything Mr. P says seriously…ever.

He might not apologise…
600 Posts ^0^

he probably will not.

I apologised for hurting his feelings, but there isn’t really anything to apologise for apart from that =p.

~ ewok

If you can’t take a joke don’t go on the internets.

lol, now THAt’s good advice;)

its instant messaging! get a hold of it man! it was a joke…give him a break eh?

Parris isn’t racist.

He’s just stupid.

What Sela said. He’s just messing around with you; his default mode is “I’m kidding,” unless he states otherwise.

If you can’t take jokes like that then you should have never talked to Mrparris in the first place.

Exactly, Parris is a joke :smiley:

Ooh below the belt :wink:

Any snow yet Andy?

No, it’s cold enough, but there’s no clouds. A little north of me it’s snowing. I guess it’s snowing where you are.

What Ratox Said ((See Sela’s Sig.))

P3rv3rt3d Nazi Parris

I would never take offence from a bastard like Parris that doesn;t know what he’s talking about.

That SOB, lets all go to argentina and rape him :slight_smile:

~:crazy: spartan