The Real Deal

Many people have been commenting on the problems of RSR lately, so I would like to address some of those issues. There was an incident where a lot of users were turned unactive, which was later fixed, there also was an issue of google searching indexing our site overly so, which has been fixed.

However, both of the above were cause by the main issue, RSR is simply growing faster than I ever expected. The slowness, glitches, mysql server problems, etc., are all because we have hundreds of people looking at guides and posting on the forums. The new server, which we just purchased a few, maybe two, months ago to solve the problem, has now grown to even overflow the current server. The issue is further confused by the contracts and payments needed to pay for these new servers, which is simply enough, unless we need to switch servers every month because of our enourmous growth. There is also the slight delay in advertising revenue, because we must purchase the needed server, which then will allow more users to visit the site and then help offset the costs of running our site.

RSR has grown greatly over this past few months, doubling at least a few times in size and membership, and we may soon have the needed resources to purchase our own dedicated server, which will leave all our current problems behind, with near unlimited bandwidth, full use of the servers resources, and with no threats of other websites on the same server falling to hacker attempts.

All that I ask is that you are patient with RSR for these next few weeks as we regroup, and prepare to make the giant leap forward that we need so desperately.

If any of you have any questions about the above issues, please keep them to this topic.

Bug free? Woohoo. I did notice RSR running slower than usual. Thx for fixin’ it.

I dont know but this is great our own server great job ppl lets get rsr booming were still behind to tip it by a lot over 30k members short and well over 650k posts too. If this server is put into place everything will be fine. Well grow and beat tip it( sry that is is kinda a bit off topic) Oh btw rune hq is no more.

Ya i was wondering about that. Me and a freind were talking about it wondering what was going on. O well anyways good luck with all the work u gotta do lol. Let me know if theres anything i can do but i might not be able 2 help cause my comps kinda messed up and i dont know alot about that kind of stuff but still let me know.

check it now there sayin its bak up n runnin

RSR RULES!!! I used to go On runevillage but rsrs way nicer and better :smiley:
Rsr For-Eva.
Also did you notice that all the topics bout calenal are gone :wink: