the real full dragon

this is not fake i swear to god it isnt

legs look horrible… Look like red splitbark legs yuck!

Wow it looks great! :smiley: I hope to get that one day…

ya they realy good def

ya the legs look werid, 8/10

I agree, the legs are awkard and don’t look at all like what I expected them to look like!

i hope i get full dragon soon…itd be really cool

Ooh… Looks cool… 8/10… Yeah the legs do look weird…

i hate the legs! but full drag looks so awesome!

3 things wrong with the legs… to wide, to bright, and they don’t look to “Dragon” like

Hmm, I’m afraid those legs look pretty average.

It looks like the RSC legs… I think this is a step backwards. :?

I hope they update them!

Yes jagex should put a horn or spike on each knee cap…

that is what i had done when i made my fake of full drag, it looked a whole lot better!

i don’t like the legs but the rest of the picture looks good.8/10

why r u wearin chain and not plate? that isent exaclty full dragon :?

its sorta like split-bark legs just red…COOL!

Noobs_Ranger’s full dragon (In his avatar) is the best. it looks cool.

ya…the legs dont look to good…i expected spikes on the knees :? …but the rest of it looks great!..and expensive

Finally they brought out some legs, We have been asking for them for about 10 months. ARGH! they look like split bark lol 8O but who cares, THERES FULL DRAGON NOW!!! :wink: :wink:

whys everyone rateing it… its real armour…noobs rangers full drag aint his i dont think, it was made on tip it, and its abit to blurry, all the other attempts arnt blurry, looks like he re colored rune added bits then ran over it with the blur brush at 10% opicity