the real full dragon

man i was already worried about saving for a drag chain! now this aswell oh ffs! lol how much is it at the moment…more than the chain?

um…there is no pl8 lol??

its real :? 8O 8O 8O 8O

omg omg whered u get it???

this is my first post after my annual exams too (2 of em per day :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: )

its of iron and steel dragons in the new kamaja dragon its worth less then d chain, because it isnt very rare, its just ment to take some of the price off things like d chain, its like 10 mill at the moment

the r worth a white party hat

They are worth about 8m and declining…

worst update ever, the looks look like shit. i cant believe they realeased something this lame!

this really isnt full dragon… I would say they have dragon armour for each part of your body, but i wouldnt call it full dragon untill they have Dragon Full Helm, Dragon Kite Shield, and Dragon PLate Body… Untill then, this is just half/full dragon armour

i mean come on…all they did was seem to make red legs that a really wide…not that hard. if they dont update i know alot of rants will be around

dude that dragon armour looks mint!

legs are horrible! :?

it is full dragon it haves all armor slots takin up

i wish i had full dragon but i can’t. im not a member yet :cry:

i still think ,my full guth looks better but i bet its def bonus isnt that hugh

i want those legs. what do u have to kill in karamja dungeon to get them?

the steel dragon u kill its hard

u can also kill iron dragons…not sure about bronze yet no one so far has gotten legs from them…but people have gotten them from iron.

my question is what should i take down there cuase for far what i take only last for 2-3 dragons. i take swordfish, the cash to get there, the axe, and 3-4 prayer pots, ( if i range) range pot, (if i melee) atk, str, pots…i wear black dragon hide for magic defence, and i use dragon long and dragon fire shield.

any ideas for a better trip?

hmm, didnt know kite was out yet…

unfortunaetely no plate to date. shame though. i hate the legs. even so it is better than wearing red dragon chaps just to match:) lol they make your legs look stumpy aswell.

LOLz The legs are the best def wise because rune pl8 is only slightly weaker then drag chain. Rune legs are much weaker than drag legs. It is like a fullmetal alchemist… I mean upgrade

I think they legs look nice.

And this is NOT the worst update that jagex has done. All these useless quests are pretty bad :wink: Im glad jagex released these, and you people ought not be so bitchy about the looks of them :twisted: