The real G-money start! 60 woodcutting

I should gain 1.5 million by the time i get 75 woodcutting.

good job on 60 i only have 53 i need to cut 1.8k willows till lvl 60
good luck trying to get 75 wc and have fun when you get the 1.5mill

You wont get 1.5 mill. At least I didn’t…

Oh well, good job and good luck!

good job dude!

Congrats :slight_smile:

congratz! nice job :D… cut them yews down! lol

gratz…but the real money is magic logs :smiley:


Um…yea. He’s right. I have 83 woodcutting, and I’ve gotten well over 3 million by now; 75 should get him about 1.5 million.

Congrats, Dood.

I actually refer magic logs as “true” money making.

well i am 60 too congrats the real money will roll in at lvl 70 then u cna cut yews

congratz but from lvl 60 to 75 is gona take awhile trust me im 77 wc

Gratz, i just got that yesterday. On to rc!

Cutting yews is how I got almost all my money as a f2p’er. I’m lvl 84 right now

i am 72 woodc and i am currently cutting 5k yews coz i need good cash to boost my magic up. lol :smiley: