The reason WHY i lied to chase.

I lied to Chase, my next door neighbor, and friend, because Of this following reasons.

he was in the bathroom, And I was on his computer, under his ip address, he said, " GO UNDER YOUR OWN ACCOUNT, NOT MINE "

because i have it where it saves the password and when I goto , it automatically logs me in.

So I went to Infultrator4s password recovery, there was no question, so I decided to take his password, to fool around and ban some people.

Of course, I got my revenge, But Chase is sleeping right now and I am on his computer, since I am sleeping over.

Its 8:34 pm here, in Lake worth Florida, and He has been asleep for about 1.5 hours.

Sorry to everyone that I hacked, and I am going to be expected to be dead tomorrow - Sorry once again for hacking Infiltrator4 on my buddys ip addres… Sigh, I will NEVER see you guys again, and yes I am evil to everyone who said that.

I am a bad person, so My friend Chase does not need to get punished.

I did the wrong doing, and I know it.

Did you do anything to my account? Did you change my password?

Yes Infiltrator, I will pm it to you, sorry once again for hacking you, I dont know what got into me.

Well, at least you’re apologizing… :frowning: :cry:

I’m sorry to say i dont believe it… Something is fishy here

Infil, I am sending you your password…

I am so sorry for what I did, I dont want my friend to get his ip banned.

Well, I won’t be able to access or check the password since my main account is still banned until an admin comes on.

Sorry isnt even enough in this case. What did you have against kbdc? And why give me and ded a warning?

I sent you the password anyways.

Isn’t this suppose to be in off topic?

I dont think that this whole shebang is entirely true, So far, abeginners name is chase, the other significant account on his ip is Chaze…

Abeginner recently posted a distraught message about why he was warned again by infil…

I ACCIDENTIALLY gave you a warning, instead of Dedwalkmen.

Kbdc Attacked me in the wilderness, under a different character, who I will not name, while doing a clue and killed me.

Deadwalkmen Went on a pking trip, and pked me while on a clue, That is what I hav against them

I gave them warnings for the wrong reason, and I APPOLOGIZE more than you can imagine.

Chase did you hack kbdkc3000 too?

Chase has nothing to do with this!

My name is Matt, And Leave chase the heck out of this, because it is ALL MY DARN FAULT!

I did not hack kbdc, just gave her 5 warnings, enough to get her banned.

Whoever said something about something about not believing me, I dont care, because I did it! I am not lieing about this.

If you ban Abeginner4u account, I get the shit beat out of me!

What do i do in a situation like this?

Ded’s right, something’s wierd here…

Yeah it’s all messed up.

I did not warn Abegginner4u, Abegginner4u.

You know what is wrong with this, You full well deserve to have the shit beaten out of you, and more for that matter, and at the end of this, if we have any inclination that you are lying you can kiss the account good bye, if not the ip

After something like this defianately the ip! Hacking into a moderators account and warning/banning random people is nothin to be taken lightly and should never be allowed on this site again. We also will probably have to ban ur friends ip since you post from there…

Yes I understand about the IP going goodbye, And I bet you hope that CHASE beats the stuffing out of me, which he will 100% do.

I will be dead tomorrow, so… I deserve this 100%

I deserve to die in hell!