The reson All those losers from RSC are coming over here

This is why they all are coming over

I would “encourage” for you to post on their site, but I would discourage if you have 56k. They are slow as hell and very crappy. So beware of extreme amounts of lag. They need to know that we are willing to stand up for what we believe is right. And show them that they are complete liars

We didn’t want to have to do this but we’ve been ignored in our requests so we’re forcing a little attention. This would not have happened if our demands would have been met earlier. The only people to blame are the administration here at RunescapeRealm.

And, calling us losers because we’re trying to get plagiarized material removed from this site is pretty stupid.

If you would consider it from our view you’d probably understand how we feel. Guides we worked hard on to put onto the revamped site that people have SLAVED over to get running is being stolen by this site. No permission asked, no nothing. Not only is it very disrespectful to us and the people that worked so hard on these guides and the website it is also against the law.

We’re sorry for the damage this may cause but it’s what we’ve been forced to do because of the ignorance of RunescapeRealm’s administration.


Guys calm down. Its been handled. The Admins from RSR and myself have settled things. The problem has been resolved. So take a chill.


Mike, that’s what they’ve been saying for ten days. :roll:

RSR Suggestions board—my suggestion is to become aware of the law and of its consiquences. A few particulars I’d like to reccomend are “plagiarism” and “theft.” :slight_smile: