The Ring 1

what do you all think of iti thinks its a great film i saw it at a mates house and i am going to get it on dvd soon and whates the next one like i have been told its ok butnotas good as first one and my fave bit is when that lady thinks he killed it but it now wants to kill that boy so what do you think of it

I actually liked this one…The Ring is one of the few scary movies that I thought were actually good. It’s more suspenseful instead of scary unlike most movies. Then again, there’s the TV scene with Samara which has to be the creepiest thing of all time. twitches

Good storyline though, I liked it alot better then The Ring 2.

i liked it it was so kool but i think number 2 is better

It’s one of those films that after you’ve watched it once, it gets abit crap.

its ok i guess, but thats about it, i dont think id buy it