The Ring 2 scary?

I am going to see the ring2 i saw the 1st 1 and was horrified at the movie and and how good a movie it was. I am 10 yrs old and i wanna know if the ring 2 is as scary and amazing as the 1st.

its crp 2 be honest i saw it yesterday and ur 10 itl scare u 4 life lol even though num 1 woz better !

But i saw 1st and um… Did i mention i have never seen a scary movie in theatres… My friends saw it and sed it was great.

if you liked the first movie u should like the 2nd
it has its moments of scaryness and its moments of boring

if i was 10 and watched it i would cry :roll:

Ugh, The Ring is very scary, I’m plucking up the courage to see the second :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

The second has more scenes of Samara in it and more grotesque and twisted bodies :wink:

this is the second time u asked for fauk sake shut the hell up lol jk jk

everyone at school said that it wasn’t scary. they said it was funny. i warned the directors of sequels, first the godfather, now the ring. :?

i warned the directors of sequels, first the godfather

Acutally, the Godfather sequels were really good from what I’ve heard… Maybe not as good as the original but they were still good… But yeah, the first time (And last…) I saw Ring… Sorry to be harsh and offensive, I was utterly dissapointed… It was freaky and scared me a bit at one scene when she comes out of the TV and then teleports really fast closer to the guy but other than that… I thought it was pretty dumb… But then again, this was based off of the original Japanese horror movie… Japanese horror movies to me are just really freaky and morbid but not really scary… The Ring 2… OMFG, when I saw they were making it, I was thinking “Wow, this is gonna be the worst horror movie sequel besides the Saw sequel that’s coming out later this year…” I don’t see why it got top box office on it’s opening weekend… But yeah… It just really didn’t appeal to me and I really don’t think it will… If I see it, it’s going to be for free… I may watch it with a friend or something if they just happen to rent it… But I’m not expecting anything good…

I know this is alot different from all the other comments u got but i have 2 tell the truth… The movie was pretty bad and stupid. It was alittle scary but you should have a (VERY) good time just laughing at it and pretty much making fun of it with a friend ( i suggest u go with a friend). but if you go i think u will be satisfied.

Are you crazy lol? Okay, I haven’t seen all of Godfather 3, but I’ve seen a good amount it and well it isn’t too great. I’ll tell you a really scary film: The Grudge. God, I had nightmares for like 2 weeks, and I can tell you that I aint ever going in an elevator without twin uzis again…

~ ewok

im 13, i saw it when it came out (in uk) and it is really well made , the plot seems a bit dodgy at times but the special effects are amazing, and it really makes you jump!