The Ring of Darkness

Many years ago,during the God Wars,Zamarock created a ring that would corrupt any human in RuneScape.Saradiom was aware of this,and told a very brave knight to steal the ring,and bring it to him.The knight did as he said,but as he walked along,with the ring in his hands,the evil of the ring overwhelmed him.Still fighting the evil,he threw the ring with all his might before he became a slave to Zamarock.The ring landed in a small pond,and years has passed,before a hungry man came to the pond,and decided to have frog legs.He dipped his hands in the pond,looking for a slimy amphibian,and got more than he bargined for.He pulled out a shiny ring.And kept it.And now,he is a old man with a son,and told his son,Harry,to keep the ring as a gift.And this is when the story begins… To be contuined becuz my dad wants on :stuck_out_tongue:

dont u mean zamorak and saradomin
cool story keep it up :smiley:

Harry raised his bronze axe above his head and swung it down on the trunk of the tree.He breathed heavily and sat down for a rest.He wiped the sweat from his forehead.He looked at the sky,which was a color of pure white.Saradiom really took control of Lumbridge during the war.He dug in his pants pocket and pulled out the ring his father gave him.His father told him it was a gift from a strange spot.He twidled the ring with his fingers.Suddenly,he felt a burning sensation on his head."Ow!"he cried.This pure white sky must be hotter than the sun,Harry thought.He got up and walked towards home.As he walked,he saw a crowd surrounding his father’s home.Harry started to pick up his pace,and sprinted to the people.He pushed through the crowd,and reached the front door.Suddenly,a spear blocked his way."Sir,this is a crime sence!Step back!"a guard said."Please!It’s my dad’s house!"Harry said.The guard thought for a moment,and lifted the spear.“Go on then.”.Harry hurried in,and found two people huddled over his father."Dad!“Harry cried.One of the men turned his head and said"Someone get this kid out of here!”."No…"a faint voice said.It was Harry’s dad.Harry kneeled before his side.Large blood spots stained his shirt."Dad…what…who…?“Harry said,close to crying.“Son…I must tell you something…“Harry’s dad said,gurgling,probably on his own blood.Harry looked into his eyes,waiting for his finished sentence.”…hold on to that ring…find…Garrison…”.Harry’s dad let out a small breath,and slumped his head over his shoulder.Harry got up,tears in his eyes.He turned and faced one of the men and said"Why was he killed?”.“He said someone was looking for a ring…it’s sad that jewelry can lead to murder…” To be contuined

dude… good story… though it does start out like lord of the ring though. but its still good.

Good story, kinda reminds me of Lord of the Rings :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it coming fella :slight_smile:

Yeah it is ok, though it starts like lotr… keep writing!

cool. kinda like lord of the rings. i like it !!! nice story man

That’s a good story man! I like it so far.


keep writing dude

dude this isn’t kinda like lotr… it IS lotr!
dont steel the plot of a good trilogy of books/movies

Yeah, It does remind of Lord of the Rings…

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

When are you going to write the rest of it??

sort of a copy offf of lord of the rings

right…prolly is

Come on doofus, write the next part, were anxious (well, some of us are lol).

yeah, I am…poor Dad…