the rs armageddon is near a huge war

my friend expire21 knows andrew gower and was told that the members gates will open up onthe last month of runescape2;it has almost started, they are already creating more worlds an notice pictures of nitems are becoming more and more detailed…So keep playing every day cause the gates will open…also put all items in the bank for safe keeping…we are also talking to andrfew about an all out war every where!!! keep posted!!!I ambigdoob and out


ya this would not happen jagex needs money so they have members subscription but you have to pay.
if they opened the members gates no one would become a member and all members would cancel thier subscription
then jagex will not get any profits

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rite…if they ‘opened’ the member gates then evry1 wud av 2 pay cos evry wud b a member n if jagex made it so u didnt av 2 pay then rs wud close down cos they wudnt av ne muny 2 run runescape

your full of the stuff that comes outta my butt :twisted:

if you are tellin da truth, then your friend’s lyin… jagex isnt gonna take the programming time to do it, but i just seriously think your lying

Jagex wouldn’t do that. There would be no reason to do that since they need money to keep Runescape up and maintain a site. With all the worlds they host, it ain’t cheap. Suddenly allowing everyone member benefits would cut their income down to ad support. This is fake.

plus don’t you think it’s suspicious that a NEW MEMBER to the site would have this kind of information.

this is not true, your friend does not know andrew!

he is probably a low level player trying to get 15 seconds of fame. its pointless we all now that jagex would not do that.