The RSR Guides

I am really discouraged that you all are going to “hide” this like some political scandal. I think that you should face your opposition if they are coming to you in such a proffessional manner that my members have been to your forum. In many cases, we get very immature people come and make posts that would just shame people from their community. We come and post accordingly to a standard and level of maturity and try to abide by the rules by making a suggestion of taking down the guides that were so clearly copied from Runescape Community.

None of our people had submitted ANYTHING here. You all purposely stole the guides, and some of them even have the same author there, but copyrights by the wrong site where they belong. You CANNOT change the the place that it was posted at.

If you want a real life application… this is what’s going on:

The U.S. made the Declaration of Independence and signed by all of the people at the bottom like Ben Franklin, Madison, Handcock, etc… Then a little while later when the French Revolution comes around they use the U.S.'s Declaration of Independence with the same words, same signatures, or augmenting it a bit in the signatures and changing every part that says United States or America to France and Union or something.

That’s what you have done to us. You have stole things that were private property. I have warned the Admin on this site several times before abut legal authorities being brought in. If I have to, I will tell the owner of Zybez Corp which owns RSC to start the legal process for copyright problems under the conditions that you are making money from our guides, through the ads and other conditions. Plus IT’S COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL TO BEGIN WITH!

You all have been warned already. Your head admin gave us some BS answers and tried to turn shit on us? That was not acceptable.

Unless you put a link there, a SIMPLE link… and we leave this alone. Put the link, and the name of the author, and we can more than settle this. There are small clan sites, which we wouldn’t even care about having it, but they ask. It isn’t too hard of a request to comply by. Put the name of the author (seems you have that done in a several of them) and a link back to or On just that we give them permission. If you are not willing to concede to our requests, then other means of getting to you will occurr. We are not trying to threaten you with a mere empty threat. I am not going to stoop to levels of immature people of saying “we are going to hax you” or “we are going to take you down”. I am saying that if you are not willing to cede the guides, then other matters will be used in the more proffessional manner.



most of the guides on this site were made by Icedearth15324. They were not stolen. I was talking to him and helped him with many of the guides. I wrote one guide myself. Maybe you stole it from us. Maybe you just want to beat down RSR to make your forum board have less competition. Well let me tell you, you are not our competition, you are our doormat. You, if you are RSC staff at all, need to learn a thing about respect. So, instead of coming onto this board, if duke never responded, then you could PM another moderator, such as me, Ice, Jolio, Ded, Sports, Wayn, Slortar, Infil, and many others to talk it over with duke.


I am a member from Runescape Community myself.

It is clear that you stole those guides from Runescape Community. Using the excuse that they were submitted to this site before ours is bull, since we didn’t even have the format for our members to begin to make the guides with. You clearly forged the dates that they were submitted.

Even though you did not steal the guide that I submitted on Runescape Community, I am outraged that you stole these guides. My friends wrote those guides for the sole purpose of use on Runescape Community, and they have never submitted the guides to this site.

Please show some professionalism by taking down the guides that you wrongfully added onto this site. It is rediculous.

First of all, how dare you accuse us of cheating from you? Your “professional manner” that your staff, not you, as you have been of the utmost respect, but they have shown absolute rudeness.

I despise cheaters and there kind, for stealing other peoples work and effort, and I can assure you, no guide by cheaters will ever stay on my site.

As I have said repeatedly, and for the FINAL time, if an author wants his guide taken down, it will be done. END OF STORY!

However, from my knowledge, I recieved those guide from the people they are credited to, and until you can prove otherwise, they will stay there. I should rather accuse you of cheating from us, but I could care less, as the author got his due credit.

IF, and I say IF it appears the guides were submitted by your people and they “forgot”, but still say they don’t want their guides on RSR, it is fine by me, and the guides will be taken down, but dont EVER ACCUSE ME OR ANYONE ON RSR OF CHEATING!

On my first post? Buddy… I have posted like 5 time before. Its your mods that kept deleting my posts. I Have posted here in the past, so stop making accusations that you cannot keep up.

The guides were stolen. I have entered into negotiations with your head admin, and he was too stuborn to give in… so we might as well take legal action towards our things.

As far as your doormat? Have you seen the quality of each site? The activity rate of your site to ours? The type of server that we have to yours? You are no copetition, you aren’t even in the same league that we are in.

I talked to Duke, because I am one of the people that are second in command under the owner. So we know whats going on and we are the ones that go on the other sites to fight for us. I have put in over 3 years at Runescape Community and to see it being disrespected like this is like a stab at my heart. I will personally see this through to the end as much as I can.

God Chaser, please calm down. I’m sure we’d all like to keep this as civil as possible and such temperamental behavior won’t help to resolve this any quicker. Please avoid trying to avoid insulting our website as we have yours. It’s only manners.

That was Geniusdude’s first post (as this is mine) here simply because we’ve never bothered to join this site before. But, now it seems we’ve been required to join to help solve this little dilemma. So, please try not to accuse us of anything simply because these are our first posts.

The fact remains that, as of now, there are guides on this website stolen from A means to solve this with as little complication as possible has been offered and the actions of the administration here will determine our next course of action if they remain necessary.

LAC~that’s all from me for now

As far as your activity rating, I hate to boast, but we have 65,000 more posts. And wait, all those members don’t really seem to be doing anything. Meaning, people that have left your site 5, 10, 15 minutes ago are still shown as logged on. Can we discuss this is the professional manner unlike what is above?

As I have said before, I despise cheating, and will not stand for plagarised material on my site or taken from my site. In every instance of contact with Genius, I have had one simple demand, have the authors send me an email, a message, etc., and I would be more than happy to remove their guide.

I’ve been to RSC a couple of times because of my clan, and I thought that RSC was a decent forums with respectable people there. But if you’re going to come here and start to post things like this, that’s just not right. You’re going to start accusing mods of deleting your posts along with accusing RSR of stealing your guides? So posting “like 5 time before” gives you the right to come on RSR and accuse us of things like this? So now you’re going to get RSC members to come on these forums and start posting against us? That’s reeeal professional. :roll:

If you would ever prune, you would realize that your site wouldn’t go down as much.

The thing is… you say that you have people up to 15 minutes… if we range up to 300 people where they are not shown on the active online screen after 5! What does that tell you?

We prune anywhere from an average of 800-1.5k posts per day. If not more. But that is just an average. We keep it low for optimized performance. Something you might be looking into. Our mods are organzied, they know how to handle spam. You all just waste time on here and not know how to use it.

Please don’t tell me that you are boasting. Because if we were to not delete anything, we would have EASILY over 1 Million topics and over 5-6 Million posts. This is at a minimum. So, if you are so arrogant to believe in your own narrow-mindedness… please. At the moment we have 214 people on the boards in the last 5 minutes… over 464 in the past 15… if you want me to put it back to that again?

We try and optimize performance for our members. We don’t make a forum INSIDE a website. It’s too laggy and its uncofmortable. If you all think that you are the shit, then you can take that shit and put it bakc up your ass. If that’s the only way that you can listen, then so be it.


You’re going to start accusing mods of deleting your posts along with accusing RSR of stealing your guides?

Then where did all our topcis that we made go? Did they just kill themselves out of shame?

So posting “like 5 time before” gives you the right to come on RSR and accuse us of things like this? So now you’re going to get RSC members to come on these forums and start posting against us? That’s reeeal professional. Rolling Eyes

So you are saying if I go post all your guides on RSC and then hav ehtem uploaded to Zybez oyu wouldn’t do the same thing? Hell I will submit those guides under your guys name. It is not un professional at all. We are defending our work.

By the way we had the right to accuse you as soon as we saw the guides on your site. Hell, your Rune Mysteries guide has smilies hot linked to RSC. I mean COME ON.

What we are doing here is no diferent then what ANY other fansite, including youselves, would do.

Fine, I will go with your standards-if the author’s want it down, you will take it down. It’s been completely clear that Bulger10 and Joolker do not want their guides there…yet they are still there.

(I apologize for spelling and st0f. In a hurry).

You know what sickens me? I am a guide writer, writing the Wilderness Guide and the RS2 Agility guide. I did both from scratch. And now you come in, fully unkown and just accuse Duke of having Zybez’s guides! I would advise you stop pissing off Duke and run back to RSC.

As for the smilies hot linked to RSC, that is a dead lie. The smilies in the guides are phpBB smilies, not Invision ones. I would be thinking the second person in charge aprt from the Administrator would know what design his own forum was!!! I am alerting W13 right away. Oh and smartass, you forgot one thing. How could of anyone copied of Zybez when the site was down? I am not too sure W13 will be too happy hearing about this :roll: .

Goes and PMs W13

While I would like to be as forthcoming as Azgolar has, I wan’t to clear up this matter once and for all. If a pranker, somehow under the alias’s of the same people who put the guides up on your site, submitted them to my site almost a year ago, I will take them down.

Again, please just have the authors contact me privately, and I will take down any guide which is so much as hinted at being stolen, just as I would expect any other site to do for RSR.

Genius, could we please get back to the topic you started, rather than just crying about a simple hard fact.

This discussion is OVER, and if this accusation does indeed prove to be correct, the guides will be removed. Although, I truly hope what RSC has shown me today is not the site that the legendary W13 founded so long ago.