The RuneMerchanting Class

Well, recently i Made my first Million. I was soo happy. Well i have decided to share my knoledge with the world of Rsr.

This class is teching you about the basics of making money by merchaning runes.

The cost of this class is 50k, not including materials. I recomend having 150k in addition, so you can start merchanting rite away.

What this class will teach you:

  1. Where to get your runes from
  2. Where to sell your runes for a large profit.
  3. How to turn this into a Million $$$ buisness.
  4. How to make sure you will never run out of money again.

I know there are people out there who may think this is a scam. But i have many references that will tell you how they have made 500k+ with this guide.

References ( if u want u can messgae them in the game about this program)

  1. borito4 (me)
  2. velenge (co-writer)
  3. Thehaha0

The date for the next class will be decided later. All classes will begin in world 40 for non memebers, and 46 for members.

Oath: (u must copy and paste this into your applying post)

I (name here) swear not to tell any1 else about the secrats in this class, or borito4 will enact all in his power to ruin your rsr life and runscape life by anymeans possible. (includes russian mafia) Signed: (your name), (date)

Thank you:

wow, whatta good Idea :slight_smile:

… I can just give people free advice

log in…
go to world 1 varrock west bank
buy yews for 300gp ea
sell to members on forums for 325gp ea
and continue :slight_smile: bling!:wink:

i can give loads of great locations for cheap runes, for free just pm me!

wow… spam. i dont teach just where to get runes, i teach what i said. dont post unless u have a question or want to apply