The RuneScape Hall (This is here to stay!)

Please visit The RuneScape Hall today! We need more posts and more members, so please come and be part of our great community!

i joined
its kinda new isnt it?

i just joined also

Good. Recruit more active members, be active yourself and you could be a Moderator.

Everyone, please don’t just join and forget about it. Be active and post.

i will dont worry

Looks real cool right now if you need help I will gladly assist you. Oh and by the way have you gotten married yet?

Getting married on Christmas. Vary lucky :stuck_out_tongue: .

Purplexed_Soul, try and keep active in The Hall.

Please join this is a great site and Azgolar put alot of effort into it.

People should join its a great site. Post here if you wanna join.

Hey Azgolar, do you still need an administrator over there, because now that I have more time, I am willing to admin for you.

This is supposed to be in Off-Topic.

I just joined… Good luck!

RuneScape Hall has turned into…! All old members join there!

I’m under 13 and I don’t have a fax machine and I don’t really think It’s worth it to send away something to join. I think I’ll use this site.

If you don’t wish to use a fax, just say your over 13. That goes for everyone. I insist on going to RuneScape High Rollers as I am no longer supporting the RuneScape Hall.

Ok then I will.