The Runescape Thunderstruck

Hey welcome to The Runescape ThunderStruck!

Clan Goal: To last as long as possible, everyone to give second chances to people, get to know people and make tons of friends, Clan will have ton events, and will have many fun things to do.



80+ Combat w/ 70 hits
70+ hits w/ 75+ magic or range
Members only.

Clan is looking for allies, and some wars in the future.

Clan Ranks (more to be added)

High Council
Elite Members
Elemental Soldiers

Future Website being worked on.

Clan Rules

Basic Rules

  1. all runescape rules apply.
  2. no swearing, stuff like that.
  3. dont be in 1 or more clans.
  4. no attacking other members at any costs.
  5. Do not ask other clans for war without permission from the leader.
  6. Do not speak at any other clan or our clan with dis respect.
  7. Like above no flamming other clans.

Wilderness Rules

  1. Do not talk when told not to talk please.
  2. everyone follow the leader unless told otherwise.
  3. listen to leaders or head legendz when they say to pile on somone.

Forum Rules

  1. Do not spam! I mean do not post something like 2 or 3 letters like “awesome”, “good job” there ncie but just spammin it up. And dont make pointless topics and stuff.

  2. Please keep signatures no more then 3 pics or dont make them to large. Cause it kinda screws up forum dimensions and stuff and is really annoying.

  3. Remember to be active on the forums.

Pictures of events: No events atm, looking for 3 more members :smiley: