The Runite Legion

Hello My name Is Ubslasherx the Advertising Officer of the Runite Legion, (otherwise known as trl) one of the many people that has joined the Runite Legion. For me the members are my freinds and our fair organization has given me plenty of oportunitys .
We have been around since May last year and have 80+ members all of which have strong relationships as freinds to a personal Level. We have provided many oportunitys and help to our members and we are commonly in the top 10 of the runescape toplists. Unlike other clans we are 100% based on democracy and as most of you know how democracy works it basicly means everyone has a share and a right to speak up about changes that you would like. Validations are always open and everyone is welcomed and you joining will benifit to you and us. It would mean your personality would be added to our clan and our personalitys to you.

There are no level requirements we look at the values in charactaristics in the person behind the screen rather then your lvl. We do still require one simple thing and that is only that you are not an idoit. To define Idiot: it would not meen you have bad grades or arnt very bright, It basicly means that you are just human and that you have common sence and basic forum maners.

Current Admins:
U R A Lamer ( Founder and the very person who keeps this clan together and alive. To me its been an honour to know her she has all the qualitys of the perfect leader, Also is quite the rune smith hint *hint. )
Sculd1 ( Always making sure things end up well and from time to time advising members of the clan to “keep it real” )
Maximushell (Part of the technical Staff. A member from early in TRL history he for one has great knowledge about many things and a good spirit to have around )
Siruis 4 ( Always helping the law stay in order )
Jessi4805 ( Jessi has been around for members at the darkest times and has been there to comfort them and help out ( She has for me on several Occasions) Shes also making sure the moderators do there job right and getting you through your aplication worry free )

Current Leadership:
Aegus89 ( Ambassador " person who deals and maintians aliences" )
Cubsoccer00 (Ambassador “person who deals and maintians aliences” )
Guitar God11 ( Court Jester " In charge of organizing and sceduling clan events )
Ubslasherx (adverising officer "In charge of toplist accs and global advertising / Court Jester Asst and Webmaster )
Ford Fighter (not shown as leadership but founding member ‘‘Asst to advertising’’)

Our members have partaken in a wide range of events and with creative minds (could be you) we can create entirely new events by turning the simple factors of Runescape into something new.

Here Is a list Of events we have done in the past (or have planed for the future)

Pking Trips (All clans gotta have em)
Castle Wars (Another essential event)
Freindly Wars (A smart way to fight with people you trust)
New Player Donations (Just becuase were kind)
Pyrofests (Who dosen’t like fire)
Snowball Fights (if fire aint for you join in the cold)
Scavanger Hunts (As I said we’re creative)
Hide And Go Seek (You know your runescape?)
Death Ball (future event)
And More…

Yes we do have a chatroom ( #runite_legion )
The chatroom is the heart of the clan its were we share our wisdom and moments. Its where members have achieved levels… where we have discussed issues the clan or real life issues.
Also some features of our chatroom includes a stat look up, Price Checker, Culculators and other utilitys to keep you occupied as you play runescape.

How to join:

  1. Go to our forums
  2. Register your runescape name
  3. Fill in the rest of the aplication form (do not use your runescape password!!!)
  4. Read the pinned topics for intructions on posting and aplication.
  5. Wait, It may take up to a day for you to be acepted

Hope to see you at TRL soon

Ubslasherx & Ford Fighter

This clan is for every1…if you need any extra information just post your questions and either me or Ub will get back to u :slight_smile:

any questions?

This will be the most smartest decision you make today if you join!!! Only reason i even play rs now…

if you apply to the clan please put in your intro from which forum you found out abouts us…so we know which ones need more work.

Ty Ford

are ou two tha same people??