The ShadeBlades



The ShadeBlades is a Runescape clan that accepts both non-members and members. We have many events and many active members. We go on official pk trips a few times a week, yet some members go with other members on their own. We also host many events such as drop parties and fire making events, to name a few. We have an official clan forum used to communicate, buy and sell, plan for events and talk about Runescape and other things in general, our forum also includes a chatroom and an arcade. This is more than just a pking clan, as it is also, among other things, a great way to make friends and enjoy Runescape to the fullest. We are constantly growing and changing, so join now!


To register you must meet at least one of the following requirements, which may be subject to change:

50+ Combat
50+ Magic
50+ Range
50+ Strength
50+ Prayer
50+ in 10 different skills

If you meet these requirements, please visit our forum at:


Now follow these simple instructions on how to register with pictures to accompany them.

Step 1: Go to the website and click the recruiting forum.

Step 2: Click the new topic button in the recruiting forum.

Step 3: Fill out your prefered name to be called by in the clan, the one that you will register with later, then put joining in the topic title, with your runescape name as the description. Then in the body put your runescape name, then combat stats, then any other stats above 50 you would like to add. Afterwards press the Post New Topic button.

Step 4: Go back to the homepage and press the register button.

Step 5: Fill out your preferred name to be used on the forums, create a password and retype it in the next box, enter a REAL email adress in case we need it, re-enter your email adress, and then enter the security code shown above the last box. Finally read the terms of use and select the I Agree button. Once you have completed all that press the Submit Your Registration button. I will validate you shortly.


Once you have joined, feel free to add one of these under banners to your signature in any Runescape fan sites you participate in:






Here are some pics from our pking trips, and other pics from members:…6/whatanoob.png (llama-fluff) (llama-fluff) (llama-fluff)


We currently have 70 members and more than 15 waiting to be validated! The main positions are:

Milodines, Leader.
Despized, Co-Leader.
Noxx98, Global Moderator.
Llama Fluff, Moderator.
Genocide, Moderator.
x1227, Moderator.
Godofice99, Events Organizer.
Redmen12, Advisor.
Turbostangs, Advisor.

These members are all in the high council. We are about to select more people in the high council and more moderators.

So Join ShadeBlades Now to Become Part of a Great and Rapidly Advancing Clan!

  • Milodines, Leader of ShadeBlades

Lol another bos breck-away

thats not very nice… we are all entitled to make a clan arent we?

I am not training to be rude sorry, i talked to arnan1991 He seems innocent.Kinda surpised me that the most loyal member’s of bos flamed him on msn.

if no one already knows this, ghostspike0 is arnan.

wow i didnt know that… who flamed u?

How am i arnan1991??

If i was arnan1991 is would be 02:32 am…clash get your fact’s right

Any ways lets get back to my clan advertisements:

The ShadeBlades is a fairly old clan with a completely new forum, so with the new forum we are also recruiting! The ShadeBlades is a clan with the following requirements, but remember, the requirements are negotiable!

40+ Combat or
40+ Magic or
40+ Range or
40+ Strength or
40+ Prayer or
40+ in 10 or more skills

As you can see, most people will meet the requirements, which are negotiable!

There will be many Trips and Events when the clan has many active members, and we are always open to suggestions for improvement! There are places in the forum for advice, announcements of trips and events, places to sell, buy and trade items on runescape, and places to talk about all the aspects of Runescape F2P and P2P, and a place where you dont have to talk about runescape! The Shadeblades is more than just a runescape clan, its also a place to make new friends and make runescape infinietely more enjoyable.

So visit this URL and post your name, and other stuff like skills and combat lvl on a new thread, and fill out the registration form to become part of a great new developing clan!

Leader- Milodines
CoAdmin- Despized

Shadeblades are kool. Im in it. Im a friend of milodines and he is a great assho… i mean leader. Join shadeblades!

Free bump for my kick ass clan.
We have 12 members in about 3 days!
We are also mergeing with a small pure clan.
The highest lvl member is 91 and the lowest is 60 so the requirments dont really apply much.

not merging… theyre joining us!

I join!!!Ya SHade BLades all the way!!!

k if ur joining visit the link, fill out the registration form, post stats and name… thats all there is too it!

Hey glad to see you are making a clan :slight_smile: im in a clan already so sorry i can’t join, good luck, btw im in warriors of the shadow

I bet those who were rappers didn’t flame him; besides, someone who goes around being a dork just because he has a clan and keeps on shouting that his clan can break any war and own any clan really isn’t innocent despite the appearence.

Arnan was, is and will ever be the most immature person i’ve ever met

Oh BTW free bumpity for my new clannie :wink:

Kevzaz you sure you dont want to join us?
Kyagh nice to have u with us
Lokevin still waiting for the app!

15 members and counting!

can i join i got 58 range

You sure can! Just register on the forum then bost in the recruiting forum. A leader will accept you.