the sims 2

who here like the sims 2, the best game in the world

love it, just don’t have it. i’ve played the sims 1 since 7 years of age and i’m trying to buy a laptop to put the sims2 on.

Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet game… My friend has it and he used to play it non-stop…

The sims 2 is the best game in the world! shame my comp is soo shit :frowning:

sims2 is the most awsome (aside from rs and rsr) thing on the comp. the only problem is i had to install it on my mom’s labtop cuz my computer is a peice of crud. and my mom lives 1 hour and 30 minutes away from where i live. but when i am playing it. i am on it for at least 5 hrs a day.

Ahem, guys RS is the best! Not sims :stuck_out_tongue: Sims rocks!