the strongest guy on tutorial island!

i made the pure today, and i stayed in the rat pits and reached lvl 4! oh yeah lol :wink:

wow ur soooooooooooooooooo “strong”!!! :wink:

Your so Strong! :eek: Your still 98 combat levels behind me :wink:

wow! you managed to kill a rat with only 1hp left while on tutorial island which you could never die! unbeliveable!

Please don’t kill me in wild!!

The highest level you can get is 5.

umm… you can get upto lvl 5 combat before getting off that island

i kno, but all the other people are lvl 3, i just wanted to get above of them;)

You would own me in tutorial island :eek:

Lol, ur sooo special :smiley:

yes i am folks, yes i am

oh god dont p00n me with your level 4 guy pl0x…

ive done better on tutorial island! all stats possible were 3. lol unless you were sarcastic

omg ill make sure not to make a new pure so that you wont own me in tutorial!!!

I actually had no idea you could talk on tutorial island.

tutorial island is so ****ed up, once C@$H0L@ was at my house, and we decided to make new guys for the hell of it and guess what we saw… a lvl 21 with full iron and a santa hat (i think then there was a way to tele to tuturial island, it was rsc)

omg! he had full iron?!?!? thats like, ultra expensive! The santa was crap tho

shut up, my point is is that ppl were like hacking onto tutorial island, it was weird

EDIT: you cant get that crap on tutorial island

umm thats impossible because you cant get past lvl 5 on tutorial isnald, not even on rsc, and you could have gotten a santa hat, because they did drop them on the island, along with masks, bunny ears, easter eggs, pumpkins, and scythes (as far as i know x-mas crackers were only in falador, i was at my grandparents for christmas :sad: )

So, you’re telling us, that a level 21, on RSC, hacked into Tourital Island. I would sure love a picture of that :rotfl: ! I know that’s not true, Skyler.

1)No level 21s are in Tourital Island.

2)No one would want to hack into Tourital Island, that place is annoying!

3)No armor on Tourital Island, but a mere wooden shield.

Do you even know what you’re talking about?