the system update

ok there was just a system update so we all got logged. one min before castle wars ended. and i seldom win so i was happy until we got logged
one min before it ended! we were winnin 8 to 5!!

im so angry :x

dam bad luck lol
sickmate 8)

Oh man… That sucks… Sorry about that…

i’m sorry about that too. If only the system update came later…

yes, all we needed was 30 more secs… :frowning:

If they did it later, the RS economy would have fallen a lot. The reason they did it was because the new steel dragons were dropping them like 9 out of 10 times you killed them. If a person spent a few hours there, and killed around 50 of them. They would have around 40-45 dragon legs. The new dragon legs sell for around 10 mil right now, but they will bump up to around 25-30 mil in a few weeks. So things would have been ruined if they did it later.

They should have done it earlier instead.

lol yea 19 and a half mins ago… btw the post that i made above was my 600th post :slight_smile:

congrats on 600th post (601 now) :smiley:

yea good job :slight_smile:

ty but were getting a lil off topic… anyways… i think this topic has served its purpose… lock plz

Man, that must stink. What bad luck!