the truce of god

long ago a god named guthix who was the god that balances good and evil took a rest of creating the world for 1 million years when he had awoken he had realised that the world was not as he had left it. Chaos had spreaded between the the woods all life had gone on one half on the other half there was life but not far from him there were screams and roars, guthix had no longer had controll over the world, armies started rising sieges began. and as all hope was lost a knight rose up and lunged his sword into the ground seperating all good and evil stopping wars from happening but this was tempery the war had not ended it had just began.

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chapter one-The walls of good and evil

Many years had past after the war of good and evil guthix had been forgotton a wall had been built to seperate us from evil. A young child was sitting under a willow tree his hair as black as the night sky he was short nearly the size of a dawve waiting for some one he knew well. Some one in the distance shouted his name the voice sounded like some one dying with a poison arrow in his chest the boy ran towards the sound an old wizard standing on a moutain and said to him “Raygaurd look at those walls your grand father was the one to create the barrier between the world of good and evil”. Raygaurd staired at those walls and saw arrows shooting down on goblins and knights with the heart of darkness. “Thoose walls cant last forever you know” Said the wizard “yes i know that Anvious but why dont those people give up” Ragaurd questioned " Those people fighting down there are zamarackians they beleive that god chosed them to live on this world and they will fight till they destroy us all" Anvious awnsered whilst stairing at the walls.

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chapter 2-The pub of varrock

Ragaurd and Anvious walked back to varrock there home town they stoped at a pub and asked for a mind bomb. There was one person in there who stared at them he wore a black hood with a wizerds robe but he wasnt a wizard you could tell by the wepon he carried it wasnt a sword but a long bow. Ragaurd steped back slowly thinking that we was going to shoot him with his bow. The strange person turned back to his friends which all wore the same type of cloths. Ragaurd turned to anvious and asked “Do you see those people in the black cloths who are they?” “they are the black hooded clan of falador” anvious awnsered “dont look at them for too long they find it rude” Anvious added on. “can we go now please” Anvious stared at ragaurd as if he was reading his mind “very well then we will leave” Anvious replied.

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chapter 3-siege of varrock part 1

As ragaurd and anvious were about to leave they heard a huge bang in the distance the black hooded clan stood up and pushed ragaurd and anvious against the pub walls. Raguard said to Anvious “look thats what you call rude.” “Go back to your house somthing huge is about to happen, its not safe fpr a young person like you to stay here.” Anvious said to ragaurd “I will head towards the walls i showed you, I will return to you if somthing bad is happening, and we will head towards the holy island together.” “what about my friends and family.” Ragaurd asked Anvious rudely said nothing and left with out saying anything. Ragaurd was about to leave and go to the walls untill a heavy hand fell onto his sholder and said in a deep and evil voice “do not go to the walls it is not your destiny to die there like every one else,darkness will rain upon us one day you are the choosen one.” Anvious reached the walls of good and evil and saw a large army of goblins and trolls trying to destroy the walls a catapult fired and destroyed the walls that seperated good and evil.

chapter 4- the orical

As anvious stared at the battle going on below him a voice from behind said “You knew that this would happen during this age” "yes orical i did i kept it to my self because if i told the king he would tell Ragaurd and he would fight."Anvious awnsered the orical. “Whats the first city they will head towards” asked the orical. “They will head towards the closest one” Awnsered anouther voice. Anvious turned around and looked at the person hewore a black hood but he was human. “I have sent Ragaurd and the king to fallador, if we survive the siege we will go to fallador and help the white knights destroy the might of the dark witch.” Anvious was wondering why help the white knights they are strong already. “of course” said the orical “That would make us allies with the furthest people we could raise armies there and send our people into there the furthest city from the wildiness.”

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chapter 5-siege of vorrack part 2

Anvious and the black hooded person headed back to vorrack there hearts were beating so fast it felt as if they were going to explode. Anvious said to the strange person “If we are to work together we must know each others names.” “Names arnt important to the black hooded clan.” he awnsered Anvious with a rude voice as if he didn care about him. “HALT” Anvious shouted “we musnt go any further east” Anvious and the black hooded person looked down from a high hill they heard marching and saw a large army of goblinscarrying diffrent wepons burning down the village that was built right next to the walls.“We mustnt go any further east or we shall be killed” said anvious in a very low voice.“you mean there is no other way around” said the strange hooded man.“There is one but it goes throgh he great mines of the daves there war may still be going on between the rock creatures summoned by merlin long ago when camolot was in war with them.” anvious awsered back. “then we shall go through the realm of daves”