the TRUTH about the kantong ad...

well people in Australia will know what im talking bout. THeres an ad advertising kantong wokstar. The jingle is some chinese people singing and dancing in Chinese. Except… its NOT ACTUALLY CHINESE!!! the people are just speaking gibberish!!! my friend has lots of chinese people at his school, ones his friend and told him that. I think its a tiny bit racist, cos there going “ching qua fo…” u get the gist.
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Ok…but how is it being racist? I mean they aren’t distinguishing between colour. (I amn’t sure about that though, I have to check up the precise definition :smiley: )

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Lol I don’t even live in your hemisphere or whatever it is sickmate… But I get it hehe. And that is racist kind of, like saying that all the Chinese language really is, is some gibberish that nobody understands.


Hmmm. I get kinda annoyed when I hear stuff like that. I haven’t seen the ad you’re talking about but I get the idea. I’m Chinese BTW.

Discriminating on someone’s race.

Racism isnt about skin color its about race. If a US citizen says something discriminating towards a chinese person its racism but if their like your skins yellow then thats just a remark or opinion.

that kind of disrespects the chinese language. btw, i’m chinese 2!

just like when a british person says americans are fat!! ohh wait… nvm… we are the fatest country in the wourld…

So0o0…you’re telling me that if a biritsh guy called you fat it would be racism?! I have my doubts on that one… :smiley:

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I’m not entirely sure if that’s discriminating race. It’s still discrimination though.

my best friend is chinese…lol…
le ho soa… hamsap…

I’m Part Chinese! (Chinese Pride!!) I Don’t Get It…Is This Like Against Chinese Ppl???

racists:mad: they piss me off :biting: