The Uglyeist Girl in runescape

Check this chick out… really ugly.

BTW that is not me! I am the one standing in the backround with the drag long and berzerker helm

Lol, i really cant stand those new clothes they are so tarty. and even men wear them now!!!

Lmao, that’s hilarious, I’m just glad i’m not a girl! =P

lol tight clothes on a boy. Girls look quite bad wiv the new update, their all lanky! and i agree they look tarty…

lol i have a pair, and lol , ur friends r begging on screen lmfao

lol… yeah it can get annoying. All the begging… rofl.THe clothes look so funky.

tarty, really tarty. i bet its a tranny (boy who dresses like a girl)

Urgh, Looks so weird, That is some funny combination… Just weird.

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