The Ultimate PKers! 110+ people!

TUP (The Ultimate Pkers) is having a recruit run! Make sure to join them they are also in a stage of fun wars where we are declaring fun wars tons like 1-2 every week!

The Requirements: 65+ Combat OR 55+ Range OR 55+ Magic.
The requirements might have a change but if you sign-up before the change is done you WON’T get kicked out.

Our allies:
Clan heavy blade
The guthix clan
Pack of pride

Clan Forum:

Brief clan history:
Well our clan first started on September 3rd 2005. We started opening up our recuitments and having pk trips shortly after. Bye december we had almost 100 members, but then tragety struck as the s13 invision servers crashed. Due to not being able go on the forums we lost many of our members who thought the clan was finished. By the end of January when we had set ourselves up as a clan we found our first enimies Demons of Runescape. We crushed them quikly before they new what they were doing the war was over. Now we still are gaining members and allies. Recently we have had war declared by the uff movement however they have pretty much fell apart so we have not had our war with them.
Our current war record is 1 Win 0 Loss 0 Ties and 2 that never fought us.

As i have mentioned earlier we have started a war run and we have 2 wars kind of scheduled this week we just need to find out the time and place.

I hope you like the clan and have a nice stay!

If you do join tell them wizard wusa sent you.

-Wizard wusa

t u p is one of the best clans out there, and its like a family, join today and help us prepare for upcoming wars. we are very active

You said it!

we jsut had a drop party and wild events lol dming, pking, boxing, good times lol, this outta rally the troops