the vast worlds of god and religion

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the Jesus topics, so I thought I’d continue with something a little broader.

Who/What exactly is God? Where did He/She/It come from? Or were they always there? Is there MORE than one? Mostl religions have some god or another, but when was the last time you sat down and thought about what God is? Or isn’t?

Also: What about religions? There are so many religions: which one is right? Or are any?

I know I’m being very vague here, but hey, let’s hear what YOU think.

And I’m gonna be keeping an eye on which mods are on while this topic is still up, FLAME AND PAY. too many cracks about other people’s religions and I’m reporting people. You have been warned.

I am christian and i believe in god yes and jesus yes, but i do not know who or what god is. we have semi proof that jesus was a very real person. We have no proof that god is a real person. The only thing i doubt is that if jesus gave his life for us then who staked him to the cross? That is the only question i have. I have no question on who or what god is. And the reason there are many different relegions, i think, is because many people believe in different things. I wouldnt even call them relegions but beliefs. People believe that god is real and they say that their relegion is christianity. Even if i werent christian i would still believe in god. Christianity, catholic, morman, jewish, buddahist, and all those other “relegions” arent that they are just words to emphasize peoples beliefs. A christian “believes” in god but they dont get anything out of calling themself christian. Its just a name thought up by the person who first preeched his beliefs.

I believe that some Christian beliefs about God always being there is retarded. Because they say the world had to come from something, but God was always there?

I believe in God and am Jewish. I always will be Jewish, and will never stop being Jewish.

I am not religous HAHAHA! Not being part of a religion means you don’t need to bother with these beliefs. I probably back science theories although they seem a little sketchy.

its all about faith, u can’t prove anything when it comes to realigon, but when it come which one make more sense than others, i will chose christianity, it doesn’t make a perfect sense but it has more sense than most things i had heard

look theres always been miracles in religions most of them are far from this age. some people negelect miracles saying o its just something vary rare that happens. some people say its god will. i say its gods will. sure the jewish have got alot of miracles desert and stuff such storys ive heard. one thing about them there all so far back that cant be proven my live ppl today so you say to yourself that cant be true. im catholic and ill tell you something there was a miracle that happen that many people either seem to forget dont know about it or just ignorant to wha thappen many people saw this not sure but i have to say around 20000 or more. happened in 1950s i think but people still talk about. mary came down to these 3 kids. she promised that the wars woulb be over and communism would not last in russia. she was right and she made a miracle infront of all these people even though the kids can only see her the lady mary (mother of jesus) made the sun bounce up and down. think its funny or a joke look it up. now how do i that chatholics are right i dont but i know deep inside me that theres a god and i kno jesus was around so i belive and im sure that you wont find any of the people that was there that they dont believe in god today.

Well I’m not going to give an answer to all the questions, just the one question I know.

Who/what is God? From what I remember He said in the Bible that “I am who I am.” When someone asked Him the same question.

God and Jesus all the way! It’s been proven truer than any other religon!