The Vikings of Runescape are recruiting

The requirments are simple. All you need is one of the following.

*lvl 40+ combat
*lvl 40+ Magic
*lvl 40+ Ranging
*lvl 40+ Fishing
*lvl 40+ Cooking

I am working on a furom site right now and it shouldn’t take long to start. I will have it up and running by tommorrow.

For now please post here if you would like to join.

If you would like a higher position in the clan please put the position you would like and your skill lvl for it. Ex-I would like to be a general lvl 65 attack, lvl 65 strength, lvl 65 defence. (this is just an example) If there is someone higher than you applying for the same job he/she is going to be pciked.

No double posting.

okay sorry about that.

so whats the point of this clan?

We are mainly pkers. So I am planing for pking trips everyother day. I actually named it the vikings because they lived off raiding :wink: . And I just got done with the site.

I will join. I’m lvl 52 combat. 43+ attk 45 str and 43 def. 48 fish & cooking. My RS name is Druu Down.

cool. check the site out and I recommend going for the blue team.

for those who wish to know i also am in charge of this clan

So u live off of pk trips? thats an ok life i guess…

P.S. my ansestors were from viking backround (like 50%)

cool. And yes it is a good life.

Srry about the double post. I just want to say we are also looking for a few allys. If you are interested post at the Ally Furom on the clan furom site.

I have 3 of those skills! My runescape name is Busterdoug whats yours

can I be fisher I have lv.55 fishing

ok post at the site. My username is ice shielder

Lol I should have joined… because the vikings where from scandinavia… and I’m from norway… =D=D=D=D but 2 bad that I don’t like pk-ing…

lol thats to bad. You could just join and not come on pking trips, just come to wars. Or do you not like fighting at all.

lol my family is also from scandinavia

*look above for my post

err i joined… but i might not be staying for TOO TOO long… it will depend on the kill count…

What do you mean?