The Wilderness Trials Chapter 1

The Wilderness Trials Chapter 1

One bright and sunny day in Runescape,Neozero990(more commonly known as Neo)was in the Varrock Sewers training on Moss Giants.Then,Mf Marshal logged in.“Hiya!” said Neo to Marshal.“Hey.Where are you?” said Marshal.“Oh,im in Varrock sewers training on Moss Giants.Wana train with me?” "Well,i was thinkin about going Pking with Soul.(No Soul King)You wana come with us?“said Marshal.“Sure!” So,Neo went to the west bank of Varrock and waited for No Soul King and Mf Marshal to arrive.Afetr about 5 minutes they arrived.Mf Marshal was wearing full rune with a Rune two handed sword,and No Soul King(who hadent been on in a while)was wearing an Addamant plate,Addamant legs,a Rune helm(given to him by Mf Marshal)and a Rune scimmitar.Marshal said"Lets go.You ready Neo?” “Umm…Lets see…(Marshal and Soul sghed in dissapointment)Lobbies…full rune…str ammy…tele runes…kite…Okay im ready!” So the three strong adventures set out on a journey into the wilderness.

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“Well thats another noob off our list!” Said Marshal as she collected the goods from the victim."What do you mean OUR checklst!"Said Neo.“Soul and I havent even killed 1 noob yet! Youve killed at least 12!”"I really dont care if i kill one or not…im just here lookin for high lvl ppl…“said Soul.“Hey,whats that over their?” said Marshal.Something was moving aroung the trees.It was big and black,and it had torn black cloth all over
it.Soul wicperd to Marshal"Hey,poke it with your sword!” "O…O…Ok…"She poked it,And it shot up,and roared like a dragon!"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"The three screamed.They ran past it,and into a hut with a small worn out table,a chair and a trapdor with a lock on it.Neo tried to break the lock with his Rune battle axe,but he couldent.Then,the black thing came roaring into the hut!!It was panting loudly.Then,it looked at the three and said in a scratchy gloomy voice:"Well,lookie here…couple’worn out adventures goin’ round’ the wilderness without the proper training…hmmmmmm " Marshal said in a squeaky voice"EHhhhhh uhh sir??? Umm w-we didnt m-m-mean to frighten you…w-w-well just be g-going now…“They got up really slow and started to walk out the door when all of a sudden"Wait!“The three looked back at the man.“I havent had visitors in years.You will never survive out their without the right training.“Neo said"Training?” The man came up and said"Yeah.Training.The Wilderness Trials.” Soul came up and said"Who can put us through the wilderness trials then?” The man said"Yer lookin’ at him right now”

[/i]End of Chapter 1[/u]

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