The WoW Times! (sujestion)

I was thinking if we should have a WoW Times?!? It will list things about WoW maybe screenshots and some new updates! I know what your thinking…why have that when you can just go to a WoW website? Well this will have sujestions and comments from players…it will also times of hunts and raids posted by other players! the point of WoW Times and to get more players to play WoW…I know not much people play WoW here but im hoping we get more playing overtime from WoW Times! :smiley:

I will need a few voulenteers to be writers for WoW Times these writers should be experienced WoW players and are willing to dedicate some of their own time to WoW Times! :smiley:

If you are going to be a WoW Times writer please say your job and post it here!

Jobs Avaible:
->XScreenie FinderX< (find good screenies)
->XReporter<X (writes ratings and comments about WoW)
-Staff (answer questions)

Staff: ME! , zeustheking1, God Party Hat Maker

>X-X< means the job is taken!

Please post any new jobs or questions about the jobs!

Fill out this form to become a WoW Times writer:

WoW Name:
Level (optional):

~50cent :bouncy:

Once again what is the point if nobody even cares about WoW.

ONCE AGAIN! arch please get out of the WoW threads and stay out! arch should be banned from all WoW related threads!!! :mad:

Lol ok.

Well can you see anybody asking about WoW.

Nobody gives a sh*t about your game, so why don’t you get lost and waste some more of your money on napkins! They’d be more useful then WoW.

Arc the only thing attractive about GW is its free internet connection!!! The game itself ain’t that good soo it aint that good soo it aint about how WoW aint a good game its about how cheap and crappy GW is!!!

Edit: Switched to “WoW vs. GW” thread!

Ehh, it’s actually been voted for better gameplay, graphics AND storyline. Not to mention it’s got a LOT MORE value for your money - and, dun dun dun, LESS MONEY!

This is a good idea and I would like to help out.

WoW Name:(paladin) Heavyarmour, (Shaman) Aeosa, (Rogue) Bakalina, ( Warlock) Agarius
Realm: Thunderhorn (48 paladin), Garithos (40 shaman and 27 rogue), Firetree (25 warlock)
Job: I could do any of them really so it does not matter to me.
Level (optional): So many accounts… I will just list on the highest level chars I have 48, 40, 27, 25, and others…

Hmm after all the good reviews on Wow, i’m quite tempted to buy it and play it :slight_smile:

Alright then i shall make you the reporter…i shall put up a new thread called the WoW Times once all the job spaces are filled! your job is to find new things about WoW and write about them…

WoW Name: NeoKrebs-warrior Waffleman-Mage
Realm:Bloodhoof horde
Job:Satff would be cool maybe screenshot
Level (optional): Warrior is 42 mages is 22

Arc: Why dont you stay with you own group you cna obviously see people pla WoW i dont want to curse you otu but if i have to i might Just dont flame if your fats are wrong Gw won awards cause WoW has its huzzah in 2004

alright your in God Party Hat Maker…welcome to WoW Times! if you ever find anygood screenies please pm them to me! oh right and any member of the staff can make a new issue of WoW Times…just post it onto the thread!!!

Quick suggestion, work on your typing god party hat maker.

nothing to do with wow, but it’s hard to read.

Also i’ve decided to change my attitude. if u wanna waste cash on wow, you sure as hell can!

WoW is still not a waste of money…some poor people may think of it that way but…still WoW is still worth it…i mean its true WoW is a little costly but still if your not poor you can afford it…people who cant afford WoW cant afford the fast internet connection to support games like WoW and GW…

think of it that way!!!