Ther is need for a trading post or mail system

There is need for a trading post where people can leave items for other people

An even better idea than that would be a postal system where you could by paper write on it and even place an atachment at the other end to relese the attachment you had to pay the asking price for the item then the letter got sent back with the money

The letters would appear im your inventory as a note and you could not drop or lose them

there is even a possiblity for another tab 'the mail tab ’ this would mean no invent space taken

This has been suggested in the past… Not saying you can’t suggest this or not saying that you need to delete this post or not trying to be mean or anything… Also, if there was letters that could be attached to the bank or whatever to make trades then well pretty soon, the bank will be filled with these letters saying a certain person is selling something… I mean a search system to be implemented with this would be a good idea though there will always be several people looking or selling a certain item… So basically, if 5 people just happen to put their notes up saying they’re elling a rune long sword, 4 of them would not be able to sell their sword as the buyer would only look at one to buy it from the person… Assuming that each of them were selling the sword for the same price… But then again, in the long run, this will help get things sold and bought although there’s also the concept that Jagex might not be able to control the number of notes and that might overload the servers because there would be so many notes… Also the note might not be handy as everyone who leaves a note might not be on at the time a person is to pick up the note while he/she is interested in buying the item from the person who is away… There are many flaws and strengths to this system but if Jagex were to put this system on RS, well then, there will be a lot of work for them to do to get this system to work where everyone is happy with it…

Well, its not really to do with what you said but it would go with the title.

There should be a mail system so you can send messages to players when they are logged off and it appears in there message centre. It would be handy but people would just advertise ‘hacking’ sites through them claiming to be ‘JAGeX’.

not in the message centre that would be to mjuch hassle

And there could be another tab at the bottom of the window like To turn PM’s off you could turm mail off and if there was a tab no invent space taken you could’t drop it deposit it or do anything with it there could be a limit of like 50 messages at once with the option to delete them

I agree…

ok i admit it, i couldnt be stuffed reading after the 1st 2 lines!!!

Maybe there could be a button like the trade one so you can set it to “Receive Mail from Everyone” “Receive Mail from Friends” “Receive Mail from No-one” etc.
The mail idea might be bad because there might be mail from all these people advertising their websites and non-runescape items.
Unless you had a filter to be from a certain genre like Archery or God Items.
This is a great idea but I wouldn’t want spam when playing runescape

also u should be able to post things u are selling in some place and people can search through to find waht they want instead of u having to sit in a bank for hours on end waitin for someone to buy or sell whatever u are in need of getting or getting rid of

Well… I Suppose its an OK idea.

this is kinda off topic… but knightslayer or whatever why does your sig say stop the spread of buddys and you have a buddy for your avatar?

If you look rerally close, you will notice it says cut and paste.

There really should be some sort of auction system or something

right, heres a good idea, it comes up in your chat box, like when someone wants to trade with you. it says something like ‘would you like to receive this note?’ and also, you would be able to trade across servers. and you could turn trade with other server to either ‘off’ ‘on’ or ‘friends’

I was thinking that as well

but there is need agree