there should be more in the mining guild

Their are not enough kinds of rocks in the mining guild. all the mining guild has is coal and mith. it needs addy and iron and maby even some gem rocks or a furnace.

It definately needs addy and iron, its really below par compared to other guilds.


it needs a lot, so i cant really vote honestly. It does need more stuff, like:

  1. a bank
  2. a furness
  3. some anvils
  4. more rock
  5. a general store

just a thought

Yeah, more rocks would be great… as well as all of the other stuff mentioned. But think about it for a minute…
If there was a bank, some people would ‘live’ in the mining guild, only to leave for short amounts of time to sell all of the ores for ungodly amounts of money.
If there was a furnace, the majority of people would mine a whole bunch of one ore, then go get coal in the guild and smelt everything there… again, these people would rarely leave the guild.
If there were anvils… what’s the point?? It would only be useful to have anvils if there was a bank or furnace in the guild… and then, either way the smither would have to make a run to the bank so they could store the smithed items.
More rocks… I agree that there could be more, but seriously, when is there too much?
General store - good idea, but what would be the point? The only reason they would need a general store is if there was a furnace, anvils, and bank there as well. I HIGHLY doubt that Jagex will add all of the things mentioned above… the most they’ll probably add would be something like more rocks - either more of the kinds there are now, or more types of ores.

I still think that there should be more rocks and a ‘speial’ type of bank. Namely a bank in which it is only possible to despoist (sp?) not withdraw. Perhaps this will meet the concerns of aaronbobby

all of the above

Yeah, I guess they could make some sort of bank where you can only deposit and not withdraw, but then again… there would be some people who would spend all day in the mines!
And hicky_women, that could be considered spam… just to let ya know. Don’t post stuff like that just to get your post count up. (Not trying to be mean, just tellin ya.)

i think it need all those, but not really a bank, cuz theres one nearby in fally

Good point Mutation CM, didn’t really notice that!
So IMO more ores (addy and iron) and just possibly an anvil.

I agree with you, The Mining guild has too little rocks, there should be more types, and more rocks.

a furnace would be sweet! We could get our mithril or addy alot easier with us using up all of that room for the four or six coal space each!!
The bank thing is a bad idea since there is like a bank right next door, and more iron isn’t necessary since right through the guild door there is iron that reproduces with each ore round

I dun know… It seems fine to me as it is… Maybe like another room where the requirement is higher to get in but it contains more mith and addy rocks and maybe a rune rock… But no bank, furnace, or anvils… That would make it way too easy… Plus there are anvils in the dwarven mines anyhow… If you can spare some nature runes and have a fire staff with a magic level of 43, then just mine the rocks you need, use superheat items and then go smith the stuff at the anvils across the mine…

Quit bloody complaining. First of all, they don’t need a bank. There is a bank like 20 seconds away. Also, a furnace and anvil also don’t belong there. The furnace is 30 seconds away, and the anvils are about a minute. Quit being so damn lazy and actually work. They don’t need more rocks in the guild at all. They don’t need addy because if they put addy in, it would make addy so much more easier to get. They definitely don’t need iron because there is iron at like nearly every single other mine there is.

AMEN!!! Very well put.
Anyone else agree?

i don’t really mind too much, however, because i superheat. It would just be more convenient for the coal per bar wouldn’t take too much room