There's still a few honest people on RS :-)

Hi all

Just a little story I thought I’d share (my first post on RSR too!!).

I was killing farmers near Draynor for tools (as you do) with a couple of other players, no armour and just a rune scimmy on me (I’m lvl59 btw).

I got the random lvl79 zombie, hit a 10 first strike and decided to go for it. We were level-pegging for a bit and one of the others opened the door for me just in case I needed to leg it. I bottled out with 16 hits left and made a run for the door. I got hit with a 7 and just as I got to the door it closed!! Basically, I died - first time ever on RS after 7 weeks of playing.

I lost a load of seeds and a few other relatively worthless bits and woke up in Lumbridge with all the other regenerated corpses carrying just my scimmy, boots and one set of seeds. Legged it back to Draynor where I was greeted by the other 2 players giving me what they could salvage of my stuff back. As you can imagine I was well pleased, and still laughing about how I’d managed to just snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Massive appreciation to Space Lord and Jonyboy316 for restocking my inventory for me - 2 top blokes in my book :slight_smile:

yep, some ppl will do that.Someone did that partly for me when i was woodcutting with a full set of addy(g) armour, rune scimmy and full load of yews.But he didnt give back the yews and half of the armour

Wow, great story! I once saw someone lag and being attacked by a drunken dwarf, got their stuff, and gave it back to 'em. Then, sometimes, I just keep it… erm… Like the dark wizards =P I got 5k from someone who died. You are lucky!!

yeah im like that lol. i like helping ppl.
ur lucky they wre nice too.
ps. ur english arent u cos u said well good.

Thats really lucky. Most people just get the stuff and run :P.

Yes, I was lucky. Most people probably wouldn’t have done it and I’d like to think I’d have done the same, although I’ve not had the opportunity yet (the only person I’ve ever seen die is me!!). At the end of the day though, if I’d had anything on me I wasn’t prepared to use I’d have got out of dodge before the fight even started. Kinda wish now I’d played it safe taken my armour though as I wouldn’t have died and would still have all the loot. Anyway, never mind eh, could have been worse :slight_smile:

Lol This guy a couple lvls higher than me challenged me, I killed him, teled to lumby and gave him it back. were pretty good friends now =p.

Well pleased indeed. You’re lucky to be with very honest people as most people would keep the items. Nice story.

Nice people.If it were me , im not nasty and am trustworthy but for a guy i never knew and had never seen and got a free ruen sciimmy i wou;d’nt give back only if i knew the guy.

Mouthgate - you read it wrong mate, I still had the scimmy

Sickmate - yes, you’re right, I am a former resident of the People’s Republic of Romford (somewhat east of London) :slight_smile:

That guy is sooooooooooo english lol

Nice people, I once traded a cavalier accidently for nothing and the guy gave it back :wink:

i like ppl like that off topic: is redwraith a real mod?

Oh i wud of given the stuff back as its worthless , but , i dont tihnk most of us in here wud give the scimm back , if we be onhest , if i knew u , i wud…

it make me happy to hear that there are decent ppl ou there

i would have give it back to the person …erm…i gues i wouldn’t if it was money or something i needed or wanted!

When I just started, I got a shade, but I didn’t know that it was gonna attack me, so i just stood there. and then it killed me! =(

nice people, when i killed a guy in the wild i gave him back his bones…

which is why you should never attack zombies or anything that poses as a threat like rock golems unless you have 43 prayer!