these are freaky pictures and real

this is from the world trade center crash and in the smoke you can see like a devils face in second and in first a body holding a i right?im freaked out


BTW… you play Halo PC? I saw a J{DIZZLE} in a game. If you were him, I was {DM} Digit!


cool and yes i do play halo pc but thats not my name my name is 2good4u im going on right now kk

unforchantly i dont see anything but smoke…

1st: Flower I think.
2nd: Skull in smoke.

where did you get those pictures…? I would like to get a closer look…



ownt plx…

They are 100% real. These were taken from a Fox News video. I know for a fact because I saw the official website with them.

i saw them on the news… i know they are real, i just wanna see if i can get a closer look of the 2nd one, i cant see it very well, but i saw an extreme zoom on the “devil” face one…

Oh, btw blood, i like the quote in my sig from you :wink:

Sorry to be a lil off-topic but, when did I say that? lol.

oct 21st, like a year ago :wink:

I was looking way back through some of my older threads lol… and i saw it so i quoted it :wink:

it was when i posted the video of that one fat chick doing the salsa lmao…

nawwwwww rly?

=[ <–sad face :frowning: =(

I was just wondering if you could possibly make the 2nd one bigger, or more visible

freaky, but sad memories brought back now

  1. a hand
  2. a skull
  1. smoke
  2. smoke

i see nothing

No. 1: Something like a thing with horns.
No. 2: A clenched fist pointing upwards.

photoshopped or coincidental (sp?) im sure

clouds and smoke make all sorts of shapes and pictures…not that shocking

That’s just plain freaky o.O