These new bone weapons

They are crap, i mean they cost around 80k last tmie i checked for bone spear but i have had 2 but brought for 2 bone clubs n 3 mining helms but they hit low numbers.They are no way as good as they look and are cracked up to be anyone noticed this also.Even tho i sold my first bone spear for 74k mystic hat mystic boots :stuck_out_tongue:

bone spears only 20k…if u bought one for 80k then …lol. :loser:

I did’nt , i brought for 2 bone clubs n mining helms (3 of em) lol.But their prices have shot down.I saw them being sold for 150k earlier n that was cheap.i even saw one guy trading one for a maul lol.They suck :fluffy:

yea they do suck but i like how they look.idont know, ur opinion wether to buy em or not i guess

I would’nt rebuy one again.Unless someone was selling for 5k.They look cool.But suck lets face it.Shame on you jagex… , but these new clothes n mining helms are quite cool.Sadly the mining helms offer no extra mining boost lol

They said they were brining low level weapons :stuck_out_tongue:


i hate mining helms…unless their lit. then they look cool (anyone with 65 firemaking light ur helms!) and the new clothes show too much skin i think. though i have them :slight_smile:

Can anyone light mine? , what do they look like light n for how long?? , someone send in a screenshot please

think they lst until u extinguish em. they look cool lit

Can u light mine?

lol only 53 firemaking here :frowning: had my friend light mine for me

Can you mate light mine?

not sure, im not on or hes not on right now. (i know hes not on cus im talkin to him…)

Ask him please… :smiley:

dude there looks like theres no point to this new bone stuff… at all.
Mith is just as good if not better. And less expensive.

Id say bone is as good as black (just) tho i would’nt mind seeing bone armor… :eek:

bone—its just a way to make money off i luv bone!

Your looking at this in the short term, people. Once it spreads throughout Runescape, then it will cost less, and be a weapons for low-levels. I would have thought you’d figure this out. o_0;

It’s not tradeable when it’s lit. Just like other lanterns…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

well maybe its just for looks…it does look a lot better than some of the other weapons…its good to have some differences once in a while…cause it look a lot better than a peice of plain flat metal…