they wanted this to look like before rs2 was made...

i got this of my friend. He got it off his friend ect.but this is what jagex wanted the hitpoints to look like. WEIRD HUH?

Looks pretty strange to me.

I’ve seen that picture a while ago…can’t remember where…
But yea, it looks pretty goofy, I like Jolio’s better! :slight_smile:

What we have know looks so much better. A lot fo what Jagex had planned for rs2 they changed. The text that they planned before was different. Rs has come a long way.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

lol that just looked plain stupid…

well thats messed up but w/e. i like the way they r now better

wow they look… splashy. lol anyway thats um… very… Wierdish!

Dude if u go anywhere on the guides at u can see that everywhere… cuz the guide was made b4 anyone played it.

:eek; Now that’s where I saw them!! Lol I knew I recognized them… Anyways they do look pretty odd if you ask me.


lol that is weird…is that a fake?

i dont get it, jsut that the hitpoints are outlined bolder.

i got it from my friend i dont no wer he got it from! is what everyone else is saying

y does this matter? * confused look*