they went too far...

a few days ago, i was runecrafting. i was making 8k of airs, and i kept passing all those noobs who were saying “egg me”. and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them were giving me eggs. so i went the extreme. i said “dont egg me or ill report you”. that stopped most of them. but heres one that didnt listen…

sickmate 8)

Calm down, dude. The eggs can’t hurt you anymore…

~ ewok

ok is this greylands mental institution?
we’ve got a bad case by the name of oscar barrett alias sickmate. Bring lotsa needles, and fast!!!


Roflmao your abusing the report button, your the one doing wrong…

You should never advertise someone’s name over the 'net :stuck_out_tongue:
(Is he secure? The egg-ers want to come out of hiding?)

~ ewok

lol sickmate ur crazy i can just imagine myself chasing you with a huge needle and a butter fly net lol :lol:

lol i once reported a guy cos he wouldnt stop saying 28 more, 27 more, etc when i was mining. and he was sooooo bad that like every 4-5 mins hed get ONE ORE!!! and hed say it every minute, even if he hadnt got another ore yet…
sickmate 8)

Turn your public chat off dude. You’re abusing the report system. People can report you for that. I’m just warning you and not trying to make me seem to know everything 'cause I don’t. Peace.

You can’t report them for anything. What are they doing wrong? Egging you is only a bit of fun :stuck_out_tongue:

lol all ur doin is abusing the report abuse button :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea sry to say dude but i wouldnt be surprised if u tried gettin on RS one morning and found u wer banned. Thats abusing the report system and u could get banned for that. Turn ur public off or just ignore them cus its not relly a big deal. just an egg…

Dude dont get poed. u can only have 4 in ur inventory anyhow. U really shouldnt get madd man. :frowning:
remember u were a noob once too

Lol your a noob :o :o :o

he’s not a noob. He’s not new or saying stuff that is annoying.

Ok,everyone that just said Dont abuse the report system has just basically spammed.We only need one person saying it,and if everyone says it,then its make sickmate poed and its start a fight.We dont want that.

And Sickmate,all you gotta do is if you get sick of them egging you,just haul out your rubber chicken and start wacking em!

…i dont see how whacking them with a rubber chicken would help his little anger abuse problem.

Ok, I said dont abuse it but my post also mentioned to turn the public chat off so my post does not class as spam.

Ok, I said dont abuse it but my post also mentioned to turn the public chat off so my post does not class as spam.[/quote]

OK yes yours dosent quallify as spam but still we dont need 50 ppl saying DONT ABUSE THE REPORT SYSTEM .If 1 person says it its good.

trying not to spam Ok… i think you’re the one that went a bit too far. Those noobs just don’t know any better. Don’t report them because their dumb and like beeing annoying. And beside… they wanted to get that rubber duck too! :wink:

lol, chill, man, u know u can drop the eggs or just run past the noobs, it’s just a game…