this is my first fake pic

i used MS paint and i would like for you to rate it. thanks

Sorry, but it looks fake. 6/10 though. Good try!

4/10 nice try

lol of course it looks fake its in the 400’s. but since its your first try…7/10

5/10 practice makes perfect. :slight_smile:

since its fake its ok
maybe you should make the damage a little less

Wow nice! 6/10 8) (look fake though i gave u 6 for ur 1st pic)

take a little more care with altering the hits it looks kinda sloppy

A little under originality but ok for your first pic… 4.5/10…

ya man nice try5/10 work on it

well thanks its my first one and ill keep tryin

Maybe reducing it to a 40-50 would make it alot better…5\10

good for your first try :).

these are a few of my first fake pics… well actually they arent so much fake as they are just funnin around lol :smiley: i was bored so i just drew some stuff on these pics

lol basicly just mulitplying the amount of stuff i have… changing the chat making cool mage effects on the spells =] lol :stuck_out_tongue: whatya think?

i dont really get the 2nd 1, but the first 1 is good :). btw, on the 2nd pic…add shadow to your money and it will look more realistic.

yeah thoes are pretty good and ill try to jus edit regular pics. thanks for the advice.

o yea lol i remeber that… that was like the firrst 1 i ever did and rather than penciling in the money and shadowing i just used wtever font i happened to have been using lol thats y its not good but anyway i was just training ranged on dwarfs from the top of a mountain :? for no aparent reason and i just took a picture of an arrow raining down on them lol then threw some stuff in but yea i liek the first 1 too

Thats awesome good job :stuck_out_tongue:

its ok for 1st 1 4/10

its ok 4/10