this is so not fair!!!

on neopets the lost desert war is like so no fair look at these pics:

1.sprit of ruins-level50-warrior
my neopet policeman555-level15 died in like 5seconds :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:

lol now thats funny

i dont now wat the hell that is but that Razul and spirit of the ruins look awsome!!!might use them in a sig,…

go ahead i dont mind u copy it…and i can get more pictures and jian lee…its not funny!!!

dude we know its a fake, in the other topic u had the jetsam was only 150 days old, and its been restrick-ted since like the begining

its not fake…if it is it would go to the garphic arts…and cheack out neopets battledome

how would u get it then

screenshot lol…dude!!you know im not good with pixles
vist my shop too and buy something plz:Neopets - Hi!
lol and make sure to cheack my user look up for my jetsam if its true

omg how old are u i stopped playing neopets like 3 years ago

One of my mums friends’ neopet is ranked 2nd.

lol…10?and got proxy whats ur mum’d neopets name?ill fight it :slight_smile:

Umm my mums friends account is robi something. Apparently it is one of the best.

Lol. I was 8 when i stopped playing. That was the same time I started. i played for a week then forgot about it because that site can give keyloggers and slowdown your comp.

lol…i dont play it much too cuz of rs now…anways who thinks its not fair say me!!!me!!!

i use to play neopets for lil kids chough!

dont spam this topic plz just answer if it is fair or not

i was jk ya its fair =p

neopets was created for college students its not for kids. i go on there for the boards and talking to ppl. i dont actually mess around with my neopets. i have one just to put pictures in its descriptions and some of my poetry. and if it was possible he would be dead. neopets in general is a crappy website. strange thing is: over 80% of the players of neopets are gothic…

I always went on the forums. Didn’t play the game much. They have some nasty stuff on there. Porno. Thats whats on neopets. Parents need to know that. (If I offended you by saying Porno then I’m sorry I will never say it again…after this…pause Porno)

I use to play neopets. Like 4 years ago…