This is teh ownage,K?

I own you, K?

my dream first post!

K, geuss that is your rune miner/smither :wink:

How is your new main coming?

nice, i want it…how long it take?

pfft… make me a rune pl8 and we talk :wink:

Yes, I’m a rune miner/smither.

It doesn’t take soooooooooo long if you’re rich. :stuck_out_tongue:

This account is not new.

I can’t make rune plates.


make me rune meds and ill supply you with 8k per med :slight_smile:

Rune ore = 12k
8 coal = 1.6k
Total = 13.6k per rune med. :stuck_out_tongue:

0.0 i will try to buy some rune ores or bars for you, then you make me millions upon millions of rune meds :slight_smile:

Buy rune bars for 13k each, and I can make you rune axes, which sell pretty easily in world 1 for 15-20k.

Wo0t, nice going on the mining/smithing. You’ve always loved those two skills.
Make sure to hit 99 :wink:

i thoguth bars went for 10kea anyways i have a few and might but some more if ur willing to make meds for me…fr33 xp :wink:

Just mine them yourself for $$$


Whooooah… =O Nice.

You own me irl (H)

Sure. :slight_smile:

And I own everyone IRL, K? :irked:

man nice smithing go for 99 smithing and its best to mine in heroes guild

Heh, pretty damned nice indeed.

I wish I could smith rune or alteast mine rune :stuck_out_tongue: