this is werid

my friend toke this pic earlier while fighting cows
his heatlh is not fake it was wierd :!:

Rofl thats either a fake, or more sensibly he’s burrying bones :lol:

its not fake i was there he toke the pic
a few minutes after that he got back up
its werid :?:

that is strange…

i know its werid it haoppened after he killed a cow

very strange… 8O


Lag when he was burrying a bone maybe?

im gonna go with the bone burying idea



[off topic]
blue liger? is that from napolean dynamite? lmao

lol that is what i was thinking when i saw his name pork, that movie rocks!

yea i think he was burrying bones

he was fightin cows :!: :!: :!:

u should make it so we see it here

k i will try

i remember i was in fallador once and i saw a guard in the same position, as if he had just died. but he still had full health. and i wasn’t laggy

it happened to me not to long ago the cow sitten there dead with full heatlh

happened to a monkey i was fightin lol

this game has werid gliches