This must hurt!

Please rate one through ten. Thanks!

Not your best work, but still pretty good. 6.5/10

lol, you seem to have seen my recent fakes, but thanks for the comment

Yup seen them all. All of whic hare pretty well made!

nice try

lol, which was your favorite (sorry for going a bit off topic)

I thoguht wall decoration was good (very funny) and also the neuce (would be much better if he was down a bit lower) Both were great and original pics.

I looked your one with the person riding on the rat.

Ewww!!! Lol, it’s okay, but you’ve done better.

Do you mean Liked???
Anyawy, the above isn’t the best I’ve seen, but a 6.5/10… F is for eFFort. :slight_smile:

If you people are wondering which pictures we are speaking of, you can see them in my other thread entitled, “Some of my best recent fake pictures.”

nice pic… 7/10

It could be a bit more realistic but good job very original 7/10 :smiley: