this new monster

any1 kknow wat iz called? and wat lvl it is?

i dont know coz im not member…

Oh Yeah Thats The Sacred Blue Fish Of The West Nile… And By The Way A Description Would Have Helped… Or Maybe A Pic?

what lvl is it?

Its level 333 better than kdb and it drops drag chain as most of ppl kno but yeah thats kinda it…

the new monster is called the Kalphite Queen . it is lvl 333 and it drops dragon meds, chains, glory ammys, dragon longs, and a few other good things.

nice…neone know what kind of monster it is cause i wanna know if u can use protect from melle on it(cause if its a dragon flames…ya)

is it a member creature? it would be awesome to kill one!!!

yea it is…Kalphite Queen aye? well then i might go and fight it…where is it at? (o and dragon chains are up to 20-30mil!!! only like 4 ppl in all of rs has 1!!!

You fight the queen two times, first time it’s a beetle who has protect from missles and protect from magic. When you kill it 20 some small kalphites (lvl 28 I think) attack you, than the kalphite queen comes back as a flying monster with protect from melee. It’ll be a tough fight for any player, good luck :smiley:

lol wow that does sound like a tuff fight

dam, is it members only? level 333 8O :!:

Yes it’s members only. No, it would not beat the KBD in a fight.

Even though it is lvl 333 and the KBD is 250 or something, does the Queen have a dragonfire shield? Does it have anti dragon breathe? Does it have stacks of food? A Jagex mod (one that actually employed by Jagex!) on the official forums said the KBD would beat it, so…

Oh, and BTW, anyone under level 90 combat doesn’t stand a chance against the Queen unless theres 15+ people fighting it. :wink:

i dun wana go within 1/2 a minimap radius of it, i jus wanna c ppl kill it

Sry but i have to agree no matter wat the situation the KBD is so much better then every other monster out there after all it makes Greater demons look like a Snack food lol.
Always :twisted: Always :evil: Always 8)
P.s. my char’s are Sparhawk123 & Johnboy11 a priest and a fisherman an unlikely pair Lol

Infiltrator i would have thought u knew about kalphite queen.

Nah… You Dont Say…

By the way i bumped the topic

Infiltrator i would have thought u knew about kalphite queen.[/quote]

I think infil is ftp one of at least one ofthe staff mebers are…

ot’s protect from magic would act like a dragon fire shield so really it does sorta have one

Why do people like you bring back old topics like this? It really is annoying…whats said was said, theres no point in you adding to it…