Thormac's Basement Workshop

Note: You must complete a quest before gaining access to the place mentioned below. The details are at the bottom of this post.

When I first went to Thormac to get my battlestaff enchanted. I was thinking what a lot of other people were thinking, why can’t we do this ourselves?

To start off with, Thormac says that needs 40k for the materials to enchant it. He doesn’t necessarily say that he does anything to it physically before enchanting it. All he could have done was just collect materials to enchant it for strength. I wanted to make things a little more interesting so that we could enchant out own battlestaffs for a bit of work.

I’ve done some research on the net, talked to Jagex and found out that there are techniques used to harden wood. Some techniques are fire hardening, seasoning (letting wood dry for a long time), and compressing. The second one isn’t necessary as we could just craft staffs straight from the tree (if this were added later like how we do with the Dramen tree).

Thormac could have an underground workshop with the tools necessary to harden, compress, and varnish the staff before enchanting. Doing this would require some work and should not be a one step process.

First the staff is moved over a fire and placed in a device that compresses the wood to give it a harder surface.

The next step requires find a new kind of tree that grows near Mc Grubor’s woods. This tree produces a varnish. Use a knife on the tree to collect the sap. Process the sap in the workshop and coat the staff. This place is close to the bank.

The actual enchantment should use materials that require work which equals at least 5k. There will be a special rock that is used as part of the spell as a rock is a symbol of hardness. To mine it, you will need 45 mining and like rune essence, it does not run out. This rock is located in a mine underneath Yanille.

Next a talisman must be created from this rock. Carving the rock requires level 35 crafting and takes at least 10 seconds.

The rock also requires the inscription of ink made from the root of a plant found in near Yanille. The root is processed in another workshop in Yanille which takes up to 3 seconds. Bottles of ink are stackable and no you do not need to make the bottle separately.

Finally, there is a spell to strengthen the overall durability of the staff.

The last spell is called Unification. It is an enchantment that spreads out the strength evenly to produce a hard, strong, yet flexible staff. It requires 15 water, 15 earth, and 3 cosmic.

~Final Note~

As a story to further this idea. The tree that a battlestaff is made from is a tree that would require level 60 woodcutting. This is because the tree nearly immortal and its wood is very flexible and strong. The enchantment process only serves to bring out its natural strength.

Access to this place isn’t easy. The requirement to get in is a quest. Credit goes to someone 1 1. The quest goes by the same name of this thread.

~Quest - Thormac’s Basement Workshop~

The focal point of the quest is attaining an apprenticeship from Thormac. You will need to collect a few things and perform tasks to persuade him. After that, you will need to do a bit of work as an apprentice before he lets you use his basement. I haven’t worked out the details for this quest yet, but I may do so at a later time.

That would be good… but you might have to do a quest or something to go there, or pay a certain amount of money if you were under a specific magic level, like the Blast Furnace.

Yeah, I added one in just now. It isn’t detailed, but it should provide a basic concept to develop into a quest.