Thx Guys u sig makers and buddie makers all are kool!

all u guys rock everyone who gives out free sigs and buddies are cool people thx all u guys who contribute so much to the RSR comminuty

Your very welcome zackb :). Perhaps you might want one of mine sometime.

Glad to lend my services to everyone else.

i dont do this for money i do it for fun:) i here to make u a sig with buddy but i gotta learn how to animate its tricty

i’m glad you’re happy with our work. i think this trend of free sig makers is going to get bigger. some of the more advanced sig makers may want to think about a career in professional graphic design. i know i am.

can any1 make me a buddie go on
2 see wat i would like it like its the 1 wiv green hair
ty 4 ur time