Tiara Molds

Anyone kno where i can find them? if so, plz do tell. thank u :slight_smile:

in a crafting shop for 100gp I bought 1 from el-kharid

ok thank u killman paul. do u make them out of silver bars?

yes silver bars

k thanks sou1ess. how do i fuse tiara with talisman???

I think you have to take it to the altar. Also I figured out that they give more crafting experience then Saradom Symbols.

Al Kharid Crafting shop, 100gp :slight_smile:

Try reading the updates properly!!!
Then you wouldnt have to ask so many stupid questions

D_J this is a forum, we’re supposed to answer questions. That was very rude of you.

You can buy tiara moulds for 100gp at a crafting shop.
Tiaras are made from a silver bar.
You use the tiara on a altar of any rune type.
Wear the air(or other rune type)tiara so you dont need a talisman to enter the altar.\

The tiara can also be bought in Rimmington or any crafting shop. Have the tiara and relevant talisman in your inventory and use the tiara on the temple. It will use up the talisman but you will get an enchanted tiara.

well thank u for calling me stupid. appreciate it. and yes i read the update btw

i got a question to someone…y do ppl sell the tiaras in world 1 for like 20k-50k??? like wow, are these ppl newbs?

yes koshi they are probably newbs, also what is it about tiaras that makes them better than tallys???

well…no they arent noobs…they are pros that are taking up the chance to sell useless junk for unbelievable prices (jsut like when bone came out) i make like 70k the day they came out…lol 100*250=25k 100 tiaras *1k ea=100k lol…

not too bad