are tiaras rare???

u can make em urself…with the right crafting level, which i think is prety low. like 27?


even if im not a member?

yea u can make em F2P too. look on Runescape.com to learn how to make them.

k thanx alot that answers my question…are they a new item?

whats a tiara???

yes they came out today

They are a new object only

well…what do they do?

People really need to learn to read the updates posted on RS.com. All their questions would be answered.

Tiaras are enchanted headware, so you don’t have to carry around the talisman to get into alters… which makes a massive one more space for essence… great…

It really is great, for me it means 4 more air runes per trip, and that really adds up, in the long run it could save you one whole trips worth of time.

oops sorry mr. mod person

Oh yeah, I suppose it’s pretty good in the long term

I have a tiara mould :slight_smile:

Tiaras aren’t rare at all. See my thread in screenshots.