Anyone play this game, my friend plays it so much. I am still trying to get him to play runescape, considering the fact that runescapes better lol. Tibia is still a little fun though.

i have heard its ok but still i have 2 words to say (clears voice) runescape rulz!!!1

Yeah he dont agree. Obviously he has no taste lol.

yeah,i have already played tiia,so i kow what u fell,ut rs ist perfect too
the perfect omlime memassive multiplayergame,at my visiom its a fusiom twem them amd with some adds
(sorry,ut some letters im the keyBoard ismt workimg)

i used to play tibia then i stopped then i started runescape.

ive never played tibia, whats it like? :twisted:

its like,terrible graphics,no music,many less skills :? ,look at www.tibia.com,and search for some screnshots of the game
PS:my keyboard is working again :smiley:

ok :twisted:

Tibia is such a waste of life, dont even look at the screenshots, you will be wasting valuable runescape time.

Yup. Its gay.