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Chapter 1:
Part 1:
“Mama! Mama!..Mama?..”. A small boy with short spiky brown hair, who had just gotten home from school, was rushing through the door into his house. “Mom?”… “Dad?.. Where are you?”. The little boy searched the entire house, throwing things around, even looking under his bed and his parents’ bed. He called again “Mama!!!”…No answer. The boy thought to himself about where they could be…They were always home when he got home…where are they? The boy ran outside, the second he stepped out he heard a blood hurtling scream “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”, it came from a woman. The boy rushed to where the sound came from - his family’s well. He arrived at the top of, and the bucket was gone. There was blood on the outside of the well. He looked in, blood was marked all the way down the side of the well. The boy pulled out a lazer-light and flashed it down - it pointed to a body, of that of a woman. The boy started to cry, he knew it was his own mother. Who had killed her, he thought to himself silently. Without thinking a second more, the boy climbed down the rope. When he reached the bottom, he was the limp body of his mother - and the eyes of a demonic figure. The figure grabbed the boy a—

“Wake up!”…“Wake up boy!”…“God…hes been time scarred, we need a doctor! Someone get a freakin’ doctor!”. Tyson heard voices and screams around him. He tried to open his eyes, but he could only manage a squint, in which he saw hundreds of bright lights and tall buildings. He tried to speak, but he couldn’t manage one word, except for “Mother”. The man standing over his body replied, “What was that?”. Tyson said the word again, “Mother”. The man looked at the teenage boy laying on the street and said “Your mother?”, Tyson nodded. “We’ll see if we can find her, alright? Just hang tight and don’t go to sleep!” Soon after, futuristic motorcycles and a floating ambulence came to his side. An officer asked the man a few questions,

“Whats the time range?” - “About 1294 years, mam.”

“Good god…and you said hes time scarred?” - “Yes mam”

“Is it severe? Can he see, talk,and hear?” - “He can, but we do not know if it is servere yet”

“Alright, thanks for your help” - “No problem, officer”

“Okay boys, put him in the ambulence and get him to the TH! Onstat lets go!”
A noise of “Yes Mam”'s came to Tyson’s ears. He was then picked up, put in the back of a vehicle, and taken somewhere. He blacked out.

Part 2:

He woke up laying on a bed, and people standing all around him. He opened both of his eyes fully, and said “Where am I?”. One of the people stepped foward - it was the man that first found him. “You have been tossed through time, to about 1300 years in the future. You’ve come at an extremely bad time, seeing as we are at war. Since all time machines have been shut off, and with your clothes and accent - we thought you were a weapon sent by them to attack us or something, but it turns out you ran into one of the outcasts, which have the ability to send people through time.” he took a breath and kept going, “They also feed on humans from the past - which means they can time travel without having to use our Malaca, or machines, in your language.” Tyson was having trouble believing this - but eventually he would learn.

“So you guys are aliens?”, the man replied “No, you are our ancestor, or would have been, had you not been tossed in time”.

“Can’t you just send me back?”

“Sorry, we can’t, if we open the time machines even for one minute, they will be able to go back in time and destroy our city.” said the man.

“Who is they!? What is this monster your talking about??? Travel through time…AHHH!!! TELL ME THE TRUTH!”

The man yelled “ALVUOA”, and then a group of 4 males, 2 females, and a animal of some sort came running through the crowd. They grabbed Tyson and tried to hold him down through his tantrum.

“His time scar…its…its…its glowing!” said the man with a shocked voice.

“SHIT!” said the group.

The male in the black cloak was making a symbol on his chest. It looked like a circle, with a diamond in the middle and then a bunch of lines, with a type of pencil.

“Kain, what the hell are you doing!?” said a beautiful girl dressed in furutistic army gear.
“Killing him” Kain replied simply.

“WHAT” replied the high-voiced girl.

“I said, kil-”


“Oh fine.” and Kain grabbed his cloak and wiped off the circle. During their arguement, a tall strong man and 2 other males and a female were holding down Tyson’s body, trying to get him in a certain position so they could knock out his time scar’s rage for the time being. A loud deep voice loomed over the crowd and the group “NOW!”, A boy named Jala, who was fully covered in Black Iron metal armour slammed his fist down on Tyson’s stomach. He stopped screaming, he stopped moving.

“Phew!” said both of the girls.

“Yet, another, scarred one. Perhaps he will understand you, Kain?” Kain remained quiet to this remark.

“Oh shut it Jala!” said the beautiful girl.

“Heh, your one to talk about being quiet, Mara!”

“Really funny, do I need to make you scream mercy like last time?”

Jala replied in a hushed voice, “I let you win…”

“What was that?”

“I said I let you win!”

“Oh hosh posh, I beat you fai–”

“QUIET” yelled the man with the deep voice. “This team is always argueing!”

“Sorry, Alemus”.

By the end of this arguement, the crowd had already moved out and left the building. The group all then turned to Tyson. They examined his body…once…twice…three times, for anything suspicious or wierd.
“He seems alright” said Mara. “Nothing much more than the Time Scar that we should be worried about.” she said in a relieved voice. They did not notice that Alemus had moved into the corner of the room, with a trail of blood, leading to where he was before, to the corner.

“Well, lets let him rest for now, and see what we should do tomarrow.” Mara turned around, and saw the blood, laying on the floor. “Alemus? Are you…alright?” her eyes getting big now. Kain, Jala and Terul ran over to the big figure, who was now shaking uncontrolably. The two girls remained by Tyson, waiting for the news. She heard a few curses come from Kain, but not much more until a loud scream came from the Alemus. His body had bursted open. The three guys were covered in blood, and the girls stared, with mouths open, on the verge of crying.
Kain looked back and said “Time Scar”. The girls turned around to Tyson, one pulled out her dagger and put it to his throat, “YOU!!! YOU KILLED HIM!” Tyson was to dazed to reply, “Sali, he didn’t do it! It was the time scar! Don’t kill him!”
“Mara, he was my father, and this kids Time Scar infected my father, you know what happens when a Time Scar infects a human. Boom. Body gone.” replied the furious girl.

“He didn’t do it, Sali, let it go. Remember what happened when we first found Kain?”


“He killed an entire town, let this go, we’re lucky it was just one person.”, the girl now removed the dagger from Tyson’s throat.

“So be it” and she walked out of the room. Kain, Jala, and Terul transmuted Alemus’s body into the ground. Since it was incabable of being buried or moved. Once finished they got up and walked next to Mara.

“You are okay?” said the quiet Terul.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.”

“I think it’d be better if we went back to Ica, and left him here for a week to recover.” said Jala.

“Sounds good to me” replied Kain.

“I’m staying here.” said Mara.

“If that is what you wish, madam.” And Terul grabbed a chair and sat down.

“What a gentlemen” Jala mocked to Kain as they walked out the room.

Chapter 2:
Part 1:

Tyson woke up to see a boy sitting in a chair, dressed in full amour, with a girl asleep in his arms. He got up in a sitting position on his bed. His spiky hair pointing in every direction. At first, Terul remained silent, watching Tyson stare blankly in front of himself. Then Tyson turned his head to Terul. They looked at each other for a long time and Tyson said, “You know…I had a dream, that I sent through time, and I came to a place like this, and the people were in a war, just like you guys”. He took a quick breath and kept going, “I was asked to take a sword and fight with 5 others, who were called the Avalion. I was to protect a girl, that looked just like the one in your arms, and take her to this place, where she could set everything right. She had this power…this power to create things with her mind, but I was told not to tell her anything.” He stared at Terul and said, “Am I saying what needs to be done?”. Terul smirked for a second, and replied “So, your not only Time Scarred, but your a ancient seer, how wonderful”.

“An ancient seer?” replied Tyson with a quizitve voice.

“Yes, your one of the four people who lived in the past, and could dream of the future. Tell me, how did your dream end?” said Terul.

“I didn’t finish it, I died.”

“Hmm…How did you die?”

“I sacrificed my self for the girl” Tyson pointed to Mara.

“Really? I was supposed to be the one to be sacrificed so she could call upon the gods. This is very interesting, but we need to keep it between me and you, okay?”

“Sounds fine to me, by the way, the names Tyson”

“Glad to meet you, mine is Terul, and this is Mara. Kain, Jala and Seli went back to Ica, our biggest city, they will be back later.”, after Terul finished his sentence, Mara started to wake up. Before, Tyson couldn’t see her face, because it was covered by her arms, but when she stood up, he saw her beautiful face and blushed a bright red. He looked at her and said “Good Morning”. She looked at him for a second, as if she was in space, then she came back to reality and screamed “Hes awake!!!”. She ran over to him and was asking him a bunch of questions about the past and how old he was and everything.

“Where did you live?” - “How old are you?” - “Whats your favorite color?” all of these questions were being thrown at him by the now very active girl. Terul was laughing in his chair saying to Tyson " She did this with Kain too. A very hyper girl, but also stern.". Tyson looked at the girl as if she was crazy, he said " Ummmm, can you write all of these down so I can answer them on paper?" he said with a relieved voice.

“Sure! Can I have paper and a pen, Terul?”

“Yes madam, one second”, he looked around and found a table in the room with paper and a pencil and handed it to Mara. she began writing down many questions for Tyson to answer. He looked at her hand-writing, amazed at how neat and how fast she was writing. She finished up and handed him the paper. The questions were numbered, from 1-84. Tyson looked at the paper and his mouth dropped.
“Do I have to answer all of them?” asked Tyson. Mara looked at him blankly, as if he was insane.
“Umm, yes.”
“But why?”.
“Umm…” she then put up an act of puppy dog eyes and looked at him, “Pwease?”
“Okay fine” Tyson replied, he began answering all of the questions one by one.

Part 2:

“There you go, all of the questions answered” said Tyson sighingly. Mara inspected each and every question, reading a few aloud,
“Denver Colorado”…“Where is that?”
“Dolphins”…“What are those?”
“Red Rose”…“Theres only 1 type of rose, and its white”
Mara curiously looked at Tyson. “Did you make any of these up?” Tyson looked shocked at what Mara had said. “Uhh…uhh…No, I don’t think my life is made-up” said Tyson. “Alright, but I don’t like liers!” she said. “Okay” that was all Tyson could say. At that moment, Kain, Sali, and Jala walked through the door. They smiled at Mara and waved to Tyson. Kain walked over to Terul and whispered something in his ear - “So how is he?”. Terul just nodded toward Mara now sitting on Tyson’s hospital bed, smiling and talking back and foruth. “Ah, she likes him” said Kain. “Yes, shes been doing this since she woke up. And I think he fancies her, himself.” said Terul.
“Really? Heh, we may have a little love going on during the trip.” Kain laughed.
“More than likely” smiled Terul. During their short conversation, Jala and Sali walked up to Tyson’s bed.
“Howzit?” said Jala. Tyson stopped looking at Mara for a second and smiled.
“I’m fine, how about you?” he said to Jala.
“I’m doing pretty good. Listen, you have to come with us. Theres this thing and we ne-”
“I know.”
“I said, I know”
“I don’t think you know what we’re talking about”
“Yes I do, the sacrifice.” Jala, Sali, and Kain all looked shocked. Terul did not. Mara was not paying attention, as she was now tying her shoe.
“You know?” Jala said, and he touched Tyson’s shoulder. He then turned to Terul, and said " Is he a seer as well?" Terul just nodded.
“My god, a Time Scarred Ancient Seer.” said Sali. Now that Mara was done tying her shoe, she turned to Sali and said, " Whos an Ancient Seer?" Sali quickly replied, “Oh no one, don’t worry Mara.”. Mara replied, “Okie”.
“You need to pack your things quickly” said Kain. “We have to go.” Tyson obeyed silently and said “Where are we going, mgiht I ask?”
“Our headquaters. It is where we will get you suited up and trained.”
Tyson finished packing his things. Jala, Kain, Sali and Terul lead the way to the five motorcycles outside the hospital.
“Mara will ride on the back of your motorcycle, Tyson.”
They all got on their motorcycles, put on their helmets and cranked the engine. Jala tossed Tyson a futuristic-like helmet and said “Put it on”. Tyson once again obeyed, and cranked his engine. Mara put on her helmet and got on the back of the motorcycle.
“Follow Kain” said Terul, who was riding next to him.
“Alright.” And after that, Kain sped out of the hospital parking lot, got on the street, got off on a ramp and got on the highway. The rest of the group followed, with Sali behind Tyson.

Chapter 3:
Part 1:

They arrived at the headquarters, which looked like a electronic tree house. It was at the top of this Red Oak tree, and it had an elevator that led up to the top.

“After you” said Kain to Tyson.

Tyson entered the elevator, looking around, amazed. Air conditioning, a TV, radio, a bunch of buttons, a couch, this was like his old living room! He looked around as everyone started to enter, one by one. He sat down on the couch and he saw a built in remote type thing on the arm of the chair. He looked at it, transfixed by what it was.

Sali laughed as he said, “It ajusts the softness of your seat. See look,” she pushed the button that pointed down, “This makes it softer, but don’t make it too soft, you’ll get stuck!” She looked at Kain. He blushed. " And if you push up," she continued, " It makes it less soft, and eventually like iron.". She then began ajusting her own seat. Tyson made his about as soft as sheep hair before asking why everything was in the elevator.

Terul was the first to answer, “This here tree is about 1500 years old. There was a chemical reaction, which created this tree to live forever, its extremely high. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the HQ.”

“Wow” said Tyson.

“Yeah, so we set everything up to suit our needs. You would have died when we first got the elevator. Man was it boring. This was before Kain, Jala, Sali, Mara were in the group. Back when I first joined up, when Alemus was young. Back when Chris was alive…” he drifted off. And his head dropped.

“Terul has been in the Eagles for about 35 years now…hes experienced a lot of death and sorrow.” said Sali quietly into Tyson’s Ear. He just nodded back to her.

“Well, how about some TV?” said Jala. Jala sat down and took off his armour, it revealed a teenage boy with scars across his arms. “What do you like Tyson? Sports? News? What?”

“I like football”

“Football?” said Jala.

“Oh…it must not exist anymore…” said Tyson sighingly.

Sali interupted, “Jala, he means Torball.”

“Ah! I love that sport. Is football what you used to call it back in your time?”

“I guess so.” said Tyson as Jala put on a game.

“Ah damnit. Denver is losing 32 to 40.” said Jala, “And only 2 minutes to go until the end, damnit.”

Tyson looked at the screen, it read “Denver: 32 - Miami: 40” everything was the same, the pads, the ball, the goals, but the stadium…it was huge and all technologized! He stared at the screen, amazed.

“So what other sports do you like, Tyson?” said Sali.

“Umm…Soccer and Hockey, are those still around?”

“Soccer is, hockey however, never heard of it.” replied Sali.


“Oh shit” said Jala, and he put his armour back on.

“They must be attacking.” said Terul calmly.

“We need to get out of here quickly, Mara and Sali, get your guns ready.” said Kain.

“Aye aye, Captain!” said Mara cheerfully.

“We gotta get this door open” shouted Terul over the sirens. He began to swing his axe against the doors to break them open.


The door broke off. They were about 1000 feet up from the ground.

Terul whipered to Kain. Tyson only heard one word, “Use”.

“Lets go, lets go” shouted Jala. He looked over the edge, “Oh boy.”

Tyson tried to shout over the sirens, “How are we gonna get ou—” all of a sudden, Kain jumped out the door.

“WHAT IS HE DOING???” shouted Tyson.

“Don’t worry” said Terul. “He’ll be fine.” The next thing that Tyson saw were giant black wings come infront of the elevator door.

“Get on” Said Terul to the group. Everyone got on but Tyson.

“What is that?” he asked.

“No time to talk, just get on! NOW!” Terul grabbed Tyson by the throat and threw him on the back of the winged creature. Jala grabbed him and held on with one hand to Tyson’s chest and the other to the rope around the creatures neck.

Chapter 4:

The Invasion.

As Tyson was nail hanging over the side of the creature, only staying with the rest of the group because of Jala’s grip on his chest, he was trying to speak to him.

“What’s going on, Jala?” . He recieved no answer. He spoke again, “What’s going on, Jala?”, again he recieved no answer, just a look from Terul, a look of rage. He had never seen Terul, or anyone here look like that, so Tyson decieded he would find out what happened soon enough.

In about 10 minutes, the creature that was Kain started to decend. Soon Tyson could see little dots of people, and quick flashes coming from them. They were flying over a huge bridge, which is where everyone was at. There were little baracades and cars and armoued vehicles everywhere. They got closer, then Mara and Sali jumped off, then it was Terul, then Jala jumped, bringing Tyson with him.

They landed behind the armoured vehicles and baracades, directly next to what seemed to be a Military Commander of some sort.

“General Marlo, who is it this time?” asked Terul, his voice sounded deep and full of anger.

“Its the Ishnum’s…” a loud bang hit rang through the gun-firing noises and explosions. Terul’s hammer had hit the ground, making a small crater. Tyson looked blank-faced, then Jala turned to him and whispered, “Their the ones that killed Chris.” - Tyson nodded and listened to the rest of the conversation.

“We have them held down for the moment, but if they bring in the Tiger Brigade, we may have some problems. Our reinforcements havn’t arrived from Ternazan yet, and we only have enough supplies for 3 more days.” said the General.

Terul replied, “Then its our job to push them back.” and he walked behind one of the armoured vehicles, opened the back doors, and pulled out guns for everyone. He threw them to each of the members. When Tyson recieved his he just looked at it in amazement. The gun was so technologically advanced compared to his old 12 gauge shotgun, it had a bunch of buttons that lighted up, it had a little tank with green juice in it, and it had a electrical-type box at the bottom.

“This is how you use it” said Jala. He pulled the trigger, and a lazer bullet flew out into the dark, clouded sky. He then pointed to the tank with the green liquid in it.

"Its acid, if they get close to you, shoot them in the eye, it will cut off all of their vision and you can then easily take them out. He handed the gun back to Tyson.

“Lets go” said Terul, as he was heading to a bunker on the side of the bridge

Chapter 5

The Fight

Coming soon

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