Tips on School

ANy fo You have tips on Improving grades in school currently i think i have a C in Language arts i dont know until i see report card any tips?

Studying helps, although I’ve never studied but still get good grades.
Dont annoy your teachers, dont mess around too much.
Uhm… not much else really but try and work.
sickmate 8)

many teachers that hate their student lower their grades,I know peeps will disagree with me but I know.

yeah… its called cheating.

What exactly is language arts?


Language arts is writing. Like stories and stuff.

And you should take your time and go through all your lwork twice bofore you hand it in.

Ask your teacher if there’s anything you missed that you can make up, or if there’s any extra credit you can do. Other then that, just work on what’s ahead of you.

dude i dont think anyone does that. i never do it…that reminds me, i should be working on my l.a homework…oh shit.

umm… i cant say(f in language)