Tips To Make Meke Free Money 100% True

OK WASSUP YALL JUST GOT 50 GP OR 1K? WELL i got a freind that needs a body gaurd in the wilderness he wass saying likeover 50 0r 20 attack points just talk to me is u wanna now his name i think there are like 10 peaple that want a bodygaurd in the wildernessi think they were saying like 10 or 5k ok think thats low try asking me for more jobs! if i can not have more jobs well :talktothe ur getting low on money if ure like Zezima and the old night i can arrange 500,000k 1 hour! :smiley: and remember " REMEMBER NOT SCAMMING" :hyper:

i could be wrong, but 500,000k an hour? Sounds like a scam to me…

Locked this makes no sense. Who would pay 500k for someone to protect them in the wildy no one.